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5 Black Republicans you need to know

Colin Powell

Gen. Colin L. Powell (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Gen. Colin L. Powell (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Retired US Army General Colin Powell was at one time considered a viable candidate for president. He gained considerable fame as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as Secretary of State. However, he is considered a moderate Republican by some people and has been opposed to the Republican stance on many issues. Powell is at odds with many of the policies of racial intolerance in the Republican Party. During the crisis in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, Powell stated, “I still see it. I still see it in the Republican Party and I still see it in other parts of our country. You don’t have to be a republican to be touched by this dark vein.” Powell received wide criticism for his endorsement of Barack Obama when he first ran for president.

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  1. Samala Henry on October 4, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    There are always Toms.