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Three 6 Mafia member Koopsta Knicca dead

Robert Cooper Phillips aka Koopsta Knicca( Photo Source: Instagram page@KoopstaKnicca36)

Robert Cooper Phillips, aka Koopsta Knicca (Photo source: Instagram [email protected])

Robert Cooper Phillips, aka Koopsta Knicca, a member of the popular rap group Three 6 Mafia, has died. One of the original members of the popular group, he  suffered a major stroke and had been on life support since the weekend of Oct. 3. Phillips was only 40 years old and his death was confirmed on Oct.  8, 2015, during the night.

Fellow Three 6 Mafia member DJ Paul issued the following statement on social media:

“My group member and brother for over 20 years, Robert “Koopsta Knicca” Phillips passed away today at 12:55 am CST from a major stroke he had Sunday after showering. He went in peace. Me and Koop had just started writing his new album Devil’s Playground 2, the second part to his famous solo album that I produced, but we didn’t get a chance to record yet. We had concerts coming up starting next month too. He also just got a home in Vegas that he was moving to on Tuesday, but never got to even see it in person. Everyone who knew Koop knew he was very funny and the coolest guy ever! He will be missed!!! We made classics together that’ll live on!!! Mafia 4 Life!!!! “

Koopsta Knicca and DJ Paul were about to start a new recording project titled, “Devil’s Playground 2,” at the time of his death.  Koopsta Knicca is the second member of the group to die prematurely. In December 2013, group member Ricky Dunigan, aka Lord Infamous, suffered a fatal heart attack at his mother’s home.