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Who moved my peach? Sheree Whitfield duped by Carlos King but still winning

Sheree Whitfield - Photo Credit: Instagram @shereewhitfield

Did Carlos King move Sheree Whitfield’s peach into Porsha Williams’ palm? Months ago, the internet started to explode with campaign requests from #blacktwitter demanding the return of Sheree Whitfield to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and as soon as the public got wind that Nene Leakes may not be returning, Whitfield re-appeared on the scene at events, birthday parties, grand openings, even the club. The more Whitfield appeared, the more talk became real of the possibility of her returning to the show. Once we saw Whitfield on an episode of Andy Cohen’s “After the Show,” we were convinced something good was in the works. We know Andy was once her biggest fan.

Cynthia Bailey, Sheree Whitfield, Porsha Williams and Kim Fields - @shereewhitfieldFinally, after speculation, Instagram pictures surfaced of Whitfield on a plane with Kandi Burruss and we knew the deal must have been sealed. Then one last vacation photo surfaced right before the release of the new cast and “friends to the show” were revealed; however, fans now feel slighted as Whitfield is not holding a peach!

Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks and Kim Fields - Cast Photo Courtesy of website
Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks and Kim Fields – Cast Photo Courtesy of website

What in the world happened? #GiveShereeHerPeach #blacktwitter was in disbelief that Bravo had the audacity to bring the legendary Sheree Whitfield (and all her myriads of social media followers) back on the show, but in Porsha’s demoted position as “friend to the show,” only to see former reunion show boxer fighter Sugar Ray Leonard Porsha Williams promoted as a permanent “housewife.”

Promo picture for new show - @Shereewhitfield IGBut wait, the plot thickens! Four days ago Whitfield posted on Instagram the promo picture for the new show “Selling It,” which lists Whitfield as co-executive producer, but as of Friday, sources revealed the reason Whitfield not only was as shocked as everyone else that she was not returning to RHOA as a full time peach but she had no idea her show was being “pitched and eventually sold” to WeTV without her permission.

The ongoing bickering that had allegedly taken place between Whitfield and Carlos King (executive producer of RHOA and “Selling it in the ATL”) is what led to Whitfield being offered an opportunity to return to RHOA as a “full time Peach.”

Sheree actually began filming before she was presented her contract and then after shooting several scenes it was to her dismay to find out she would actually only be on 10-12 episodes of the show as a “friend to the show” and for her brilliant show idea pitched to Carlos King (with no NDA, contract or written partnership formed), Whitfield was offered a consolation prize of “co-executive producer” credit. I think this sounds like a win-win situation in the end. Do you?

Carlos Kingdom wins again with 2 shows Photo Credit @ IG
Carlos Kingdom wins again with 2 shows Photo Credit @ IG

Read how Whitfield stays winning, though, after the break.

First of all, Whitfield was offered a contract for RHOA, which is more than we can say for some formerly duped potential cast mates auditioning for the show. Everybody knows #ShebySheree was going to get her coins situation on paper so she has a contract and a salary (Who needs to hold a peach?). Demetria McKinney’s peach was moved into the palms of Claudia Jordan last season but Demetria had her paperwork in place and her coins confirmed. Claudia Jordan had a peach but no contract so who really won?

Sheree Whitfield and #SellintheATL cast member #IG @shereewhitfield
Sheree Whitfield and #SellintheATL cast member #IG @shereewhitfield

Secondly, Sheree may have gotten duped in regards to the process of inking her expectations in exchange for her ideas but the #WhoGoneCheckMeBoo game changer has set the tone for even the “King of Reality TV” Carlos King to recognize it was probably easier for his industry reputation and his car tires to make amends and cut Whitfield in on the co-executive producer credits and profits (you know Whitfield is from Cleveland).

From the looks of things, it appears the #SellingInTheATL girls may be a little more healthy for Sheree to be in the company of. We have spotted her doing good things with her new cast and you must admit she always looks happy when she’s in the company of the #WETV ladies. Sheree hanging out with new castmates/employees from #SellingInTheATL Photo Credit @IG

Check out the photo gallery of Sheree Whitfield on Instagram straight flexing.

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