Meet Porsha, a self-proclaimed ‘sapiosexual’

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Do you think highly intellectual people are sexually arousing? Does an occasional and erotic “mind-f—” titillate you? Do you find that you can be a “conversational lush” as your mind becomes intoxicated with stimulating sparring? Well, chances are, you’re a sapiosexual — just like me. I get high on intelligent conversations, and I’m not interested in going to rehab either. At all. Ever. I read somewhere that one of the sexiest things someone can do for you is to inspire you to think a new thought you never knew possible, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Sapiosexual defined (n.) one who is sexually attracted to or aroused by intelligence in others. (adj.) a form of sexual orientation characterized by a strong attraction to intelligence in others, often regardless of gender and/or external attractiveness: As describes it, the term sapiosexual is a “neologism” word, or a word that has most recently come into common usage, especially with the help of social media. People all over are self-identifying as sapiosexual.  The origins of the word are Latin (root word “sapien” means wise or intelligent and “sexualis” means relating to the sexes).

The sapiosexual community Yes, they exist. There are entire communities, FB groups, dating sites and other “support” groups out there to help with this new “epidemic.” The “Intelligence is Sexy” FB Page boasts over one million likes and the #SapioSexual hastag on Instagram has over 152K posts. There are also numerous websites that give you as much information that you would care to know about being a sapiosexual, simply search the hastags #IntelligenceIsSexy, #SapioSexuals, and/or #SapioLove to get your fill (or your fix, whichever one suits you best).

Sooooo, you think you’re a sapiosexual? When I first saw the word and definition, I didn’t need to take a test to find out if I fit the criteria. I instantly knew I was. I’m extremely turned on by intelligence and always have been since I can remember. Intelligence ranks No. 1 on my top five short list of attributes needed in a man (behind humor, financial status, sex and, lastly, looks — the rationale for my ranking will be the subject of another post — so stay tuned for that. Nonetheless, I took the test (link below), and it confirmed what I already knew; I’m guilty of being a sapiosexual — and I love it!

Take the test! If you want to know your “status,” then take this quick 20-question test to see if you qualify. I took it and scored 89 out of 100, which is a bona fide sapiosexual. Take the test today. Get your results, know your status. Remember, a “mind-f—” is a horrible thing to waste.

Share your results in the comments section below. We all want to know!

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