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Lil Wayne hit with yet another court-ordered big money payout

Lil Wayne

Source: YouTube/LilWayneVEVO

Lil Wayne is just not having a great 2015.

From very public label woes, to having his tour bus shot up, to attempting to dead a sex tape scandal before it began, the Young Money CEO has obviously seen better days and now has a whole new issue to deal with.

On Monday, Nov. 9, a judge ruled against Weezy and ordered him to pay a company called Pyrotek Special Effects $96,000 to settle an unpaid debt he incurred for his 2013 tour.

According to TMZ, the rapper ordered a number of items, including 200 tracer comets, 92 silver gerbs, 2 white flashes with a bang, 36 propane tanks and 30 pounds of exploding powder, but never got around to actually paying for them. Shortly thereafter, Pyrotek sued Wayne for the amount owed, and actually came to a settlement, but Wayne failed to pay the settled upon amount, forcing Pyrotek to go back to court to have the judge issue the $96K judgment against him.

The ruling comes on the heels of authorities raiding Wayne’s Miami mansion last week to satisfy an outstanding debt owed to a private jet company.

We’re no experts here, but maybe it’s time for Weezy to look into hiring a new accountant or business manager.