‘Being Mary Jane’s’ cutty buddy gives 5 tips for being an effective maintenance man

Thomas Q. Jones stars as Brandon Gibson on “Being Mary Jane” (Photo credit: BET)

BET’s hit drama series “Being Mary Jane” got even hotter this season with the return of former NFL football star Thomas Q. Jones, aka Brandon “Cutty Buddy” Gibson. Jones’ sex scenes with Gabrielle Union have kept audiences drooling and wanting to know more about the muscular chocolate hunk holding Mary Jane down while she is single. Jones is no stranger to sexual chemistry on-screen. Earlier this year, he starred in TV One’s “Born Again Virgin” as a former flame bringing sexual temptation to the abstinence seeking lead character. With Jones’ physical attributes. it’s no surprise he’s been cast as a sex symbol, but he also admitted he has a lot in common with his “Being Mary Jane” character.

After last week’s steamy episode, fans suggested on social media that Mary Jane should stop looking for Prince Charming and transition her “friend with benefits” into her main squeeze. Jones was flattered at the suggestion, but says “situationships”  built on sexual chemistry rarely make it to the relationship stage. “Once you’ve maxed out on the physical attraction, there really isn’t anything else. It’s human nature for people to seek some type of challenge. Brandon doesn’t offer a challenge for Mary Jane,” Jones explains.

Still, being a maintenance man to one of Hollywood sexiest ladies is a role the former running back is happy to tackle. He gave five tips for men that are looking to be the perfect maintenance man for a woman in need.

Gabrielle Union and Thomas Q. Jones star in Being Mary Jane on BET (Photo credit: BET)

1. “Don’t ask questions.” There is no quicker way to get fired from your position than questioning her about where she is going or who she is hanging out with.

2.  “Understand someone else can always take your position.” Jones says assuming you don’t have any competition is a great way to get replaced by someone vying for that role.

3. “Make sure you’re at your best when on the job.” No explanation necessary.

4. “Be a good listener.” A maintenance man offers comfort with more than just his body, sometimes his presence is equally important.

5. “Never spend the night.” In order to keep the boundaries of the relationship intact, it is best to do your work and then leave before you are asked to leave.

It’s hard to believe that with a maintenance man as “skilled” as Jones that any woman would be OK with him cutting out early, but Jones says it’s important to recognize boundaries no matter what emotions are flowing and how tempting it may seem in the moment. “Catching feelings isn’t wrong but it doesn’t fit. It’s like wanting a shoe that’s a size 10 but you wear a size 12, no matter how bad you want it, it’s just not going to fit,” he says.

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