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Top 25 Women of Atlanta: Jennifer ‘Boogs’ Goicoechea

Jennifer Goicoechea photo-2

Jennifer ‘Boogs’ Goicoechea

Associate Director, Rhythm and Soul


If you’re pursing a career in any area of the music in-dustry, success will take a combination of confidence, fearlessness, a risk-taking attitude and true hustle. Associate director of the Rhythm and Soul division at ASCAP, Jennifer “Boogs” Goicoechea has all of those attributes and contributes them to her achievement in the industry.

Goicoechea had humble beginnings growing up in Miami. Born to an Italian mother and Puerto Rican father, her career began early while shadowing her mother Barbara Goicoechea, an accomplished production manager for Act Productions. Working with her mother led to Goicoechea landing a position with singer Ciara, which propelled her career as a seeker and sculptor of musical talent.

Goicoechea’s journey took her to the West Coast where she groomed her fi rst solo act, KING (formerly Keisha Rain), under her own management company, Boogs’N’Effect Management.

Now at ASCAP, her responsibilities include the discovery and development of songwriters and music publishers, forming and maintaining relationships within all aspects of the music industry.

“Having strong organizational skills, event planning abili-ties, being able to identify burgeoning talent early on while staying current and involved on the music scene and keep-ing my ear to the pulse is what helped me get to where I am today,” says Goicoechea.

But perhaps the biggest key to Goicoechea’s success has been her ability to stay flexible.

“The key is learning how to maneuver, being able to adapt, and staying flexible and keeping your integrity intact, not giving up or giving in,” she says.

When she’s not in the ASCAP office, Goicoechea is busy preparing the release of KING’s debut album. She plans on expanding her management company and has partnered with creative director Jamaica Craft to introduce the latest trio out of Atlanta, Levi Johnson.