Top 25 Women of Atlanta: Lisa Rushin

Lisa Rushin pic-2

Lisa Rushin

Assistant County Manager

Fulton County

Lisa Rushin insists that it is her diligent work ethic, ability to maneuver through challenges, and proper balance of work and home life that allow her to continue making strides toward success in her career. These winning characteristics likely led to her being appointed assistant county manager of Fulton County.

In her leadership position for the county — which is the largest in the state of Georgia and encompasses 14 cities, including Atlanta — Rushin is responsible for several departments: Finance, Purchasing, Facilities and Transportation, Police, Fire, Planning and Community Services, Tax Assessors, Tax Commissioner, Registration and Elections and Internal Audit. She also oversees the annual budgets that add up to $97 million, as well as over 900 full-time employees.

Rushin, who graduated with a bachelor’s in account-ing from Seton Hall University and an MBA in management from Strayer University, has an enormous amount of control in the way Fulton County is run. But she’s not fond of being known as “powerful.”

“Power is relative,” she says. “The moment you think you have power, you have just lost your edge. I would much rather be known for strength, integrity and the ability to influence and lead.”

She says that a well-kept heart is another reason for her maintained success, and her loving family is likely responsible for that. Rushin explains that her spouse and her children also serve as her motivation.

“I have the most wonderful husband and children in the world, and they deserve everything that I can give,” Rushin says.

The exemplary leader advises others to remain focused on their purpose, in spite of naysayers.

“Do not be discouraged when others don’t see what you see,” she says. “Just continue to pursue excellence and everything else will fall in line.”

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