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Stacii Jae Johnson does the unthinkable to promote her new book

Stacii Jae Johnson is not one to shy away from committing acts of courage. The actress-turned-radio personality-turned-author did the unthinkable just before Black Friday. It was unthinkable because not many people are this brave or would have ever thought to do this.

OK, I know what you’re thinking, “Enough with the hype!” I’ll get to the point. On a mission to empower women to think outside the box, Stacii Jae walked into an area bookstore and did this.

She wrote rolling out’s editor:

Guess what! My book “Date, Girl 143 Reasons Why I Believe Women Should Date Multiple Men” is in Barnes & Noble. How? Because I took it upon myself to put it there today! ?

CAN I GET ARRESTED? I just walked in Barnes and Noble and put my book on the shelf. I did. And I LEFT IT THERE. I hope that wasn’t illegal.

Intrigued, we responded to Stacii Jae and inquired why she did it. Here’s what she had to say.

How does it feel to have released your book?
It’s amazing! I have been working on this dating multiple men lifestyle and writing the book for the past four years. The best thing about finishing this book is that I am giving someone a card. I take my cards everywhere. I involve my book through my daily movement in life. I am my book. To see ladies’ faces when I introduce myself and give them a flyer excites them. Sometimes they will say how they were just talking about the book the night before. This whole dating multiple men thing isn’t new, but I feel like I gave these women permission to do so. Men have been doing it forever, so we can too. The premise of the book is single woman give their most precious gift of monogamy to men who have yet to show themselves as deserving. I know this because I was one of those women.

Stacii Jae Date Girl

Would you agree that just because someone is a good guy doesn’t mean he is the right man for you?
Absolutely! Any guy that can be attentive to you is a great guy, but that doesn’t mean he is the right guy for you. Women don’t realize that and they equate that these are the perfect men for them, because they these guys cook for them and rub their feet. They don’t get to know these men or become their friend while having other friends on the side that they are dating, so they can organically see they are just good guys. Men who want to be with you don’t leave anything up for an assumption.

Can you talk about the experiment you conducted at Barnes & Noble?
As a self-published author, you have all these publishing companies that work with you. I had been researching all these different packages they provide. I got to the point where I was like why would I pay them to give me a little bit of information. I finally got my book on Amazon and Kindle, so then my goal was to get my book in Barnes & Noble. I was very impatient with this process to be transparent. I like straight lines and to feel like I am going somewhere with something. I don’t like going in circles. One day I was passing Barnes & Nobles and something said go put your book in the store. Now, I didn’t want to get arrested so I sat there and contemplated in the car for a while. I thought of the spirit and the strength of my mom, grandmother and just the perseverance of the women who fight through. I thought about the women who find a way to create space for themselves and don’t let anything stop them. I signed my book and placed it in the section of the store I wanted it to be in. I took a picture and captured some video content and then questioned if I should post it. I took the risk and thought outside of the box. Every city I have a book signing in and I leave my book in the Barnes & Noble. I always say either enjoy the journey or embrace the ride. I am going to continue putting my book on the shelf until I receive a cease and desist letter. Sometimes you have to go and do things that other people haven’t done to get where you want to go.

I had a book signing during Spelman’s homecoming. It was my first one. A lot of people came out to support. I realized that intimate setting is what I really want to do. We share our personal stories and grew from each other. I want to travel the country and do book signings in these intimate environments of no more than seventy-five women. I feel more connected to the women and open to sharing my journey. They can go to my website or join my mailing list.