Donald Trump gets blasted by major hip-hop legend

Photo Credit: Donald Trump's Instagram (@realdonaldtrump)
Photo credit: Donald Trump’s Instagram (@realdonaldtrump)

Donald Trump has offended a tremendous number of people over the past few months of his campaign to win the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination. Namely, the Mexican and Muslim communities. Of course, many have spoken out against Trump’s inflammatory and divisive speeches, but one interesting figure to recently fire back at Trump is his old friend, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, who recently posted an open letter criticizing Trump for his words of hate.

In the letter, which Simmons posted on his site Global Grind, the mogul chastised Trump for his many Islamophobic comments in the press, including his call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

“My friends, both Muslims and Jews, are saying there are so many comparisons between your rap and Hitler’s, and I cannot disagree with them, Donald. You can’t possibly want your kids or your wife Melania (all of whom I know and respect) to live with that. You are a born leader, who is set to possibly win the nomination of your party, but don’t compromise what I know is in your heart to do it. You are a generous, kind man who has built a career on negotiating deals where everybody wins. Now, you seem like a one-man wrecking ball willing to destroy our nation’s foundation of freedom,” Simmons wrote.

He added, “Stop the bulls—. Stop fueling fires of hate. Don’t feed into the rhetoric created by small-minded people. You’re smarter and certainly more loving then you let on. The Republicans in power don’t like you any more than the Democrats in power, as they know you can’t be controlled, because you are your own man. You have been many people’s champ in the past, but now you are becoming a major embarrassment. I know the cheap seats are easy to play to, but you can get them just by being the man I have known for nearly 30 years.

“I’ll pray that this truth will ring a bell and it will not only temper your rap, but remind you of the man you used to be. You are trying to be president of a country built on religious freedom; remember that the next time you discuss the beautiful followers of Islam. I would also like to remind you of one of my favorite quotes from the Holy Quran, ‘Love all men of good books equally.’ The minute you target one group or one religion or immigrants, you have failed.”

Days after posting the poignant and powerful letter, Simmons spoke with “Extra” and explained why he wrote the piece. Read what he had to say after the cut.

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