Crazed teen, Khaalid Adam Abdulkadir, threatens on Twitter to kill FBI agents

Khaalid Adam Abdulkadir via Twitter
Khaalid Adam Abdulkadir via Twitter

Either he was looking for an easy way out of following through his attempt at ISIS recruitment or he just has poor judgement, but Minneapolis, Minnesota teen Khaalid Adam Abdulkadir, 19, was arrested on Friday, December 11, 2015, after he issued threats on social media that he was going to end the lives of federal agents.

He posted on Twitter, “kill them FBI” and “I’m kill them FEDS for take my brothers.” He issued the threat after his friend Abdirizak Warsame, 20, was arrested on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, for trying to join a jihadist group.

Abdulkadir contacted terror recruiters in January and was placed on the FBI terror watch list. He wanted to know how he could get to Syria so he could enlist in ISIS.

Abdulkadir was in communication with another Minnesota native, Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, aka Miski, who left America in 2008 to join extremist group al-Shabaab fighting government forces in Somalia. Hassan, now a recruiter and an ambassador for terrorism regularly tweets messages praising the killing of Jews and terror attacks such as those on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris.

Abdulkadir wrote to Hassan, “Brother I’m trying to make moves and I have no connection so what’s the deal brother? I’m trying to bounce for untied state Mpls mn to [ISIS].”

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