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Fashion stylist Jamilah Rouse shares how to be fabulous on a budget

Fashion stylist Jamilah Rouse shares how to be fabulous on a budget
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Fashion stylist and business owner Jamilah Rouse seems to have it altogether. The mother of two teens balances being an entrepreneur, model and fashion stylist with ease. She recently sat down with rolling out at the third annual Family Dollar Fabulous event to share what fabulous means to her, her definition of personal style, and some fashion trends and tips on how to look stylish on a budget.

What does fabulous mean to you?

Fabulous to me, is like, a state of mind. Being fabulous starts from within first and just knowing that you can be fabulous. Then, it starts with, to me, makeup, hair, clothing pieces and then you just having the utmost confidence in what you’re wearing.

What is your definition of personal style? How do you personally style?

When I personally style, I start off with looking at the client’s complexion and then I talk to them a little while and then I go with their personality and I find out the type of colors that they’re comfortable with, and then we basically just go from there. I like starting off, when I style, I like starting off with, “What hairstyle are you wearing?” “What kind of event is it?” “What color lip?” I love matching pieces, ensembles, to lip colors; hair and makeup.

Should women dress for their body type?

I think, definitely they should. I don’t like to really criticize people on what they wear, I think everyone has a free choice to wear whatever they want to wear. But, definitely I do think that women should dress to feel comfortable with their bodies, and definitely you want the people around you to feel comfortable too and take you serious.

What suggestions do you have for women wanting to look stylish, but who don’t have a lot of money?

Oh my gosh, it’s so many things that they can do, first of all, I do own a boutique here in Atlanta but, I love H&M. H&M is a really good store that has like really nice conservative pieces, dressy pieces for a very good price. Shopping online; you can find so many good deals online. I like, definitely, thrift stores. A lot of times, you can find cute, vintage pieces in thrift stores, it’s so many things you can do. Because honestly, I love expensive shoes but, my clothes really don’t cost a lot of money, really, my accessories are the ones that cost the most. But, my clothes, no, I dress for less everyday and I feel like I look good in my pieces that I wear.

Cool, what are some of the hot new trends for fall 2015?

Some of the hot new trends for twenty fifteen, for fall, to me, are the high-waist jeans. That allows any woman, basically any size, to show a little skin in her mid-drift area. If she wanted to wear a crop top, she can show a little skin, it covers the navel and it holds you in. I like colors; colors really bring out your personality, it brings out your skin tones and it really pops the makeup. Sheers are in, the onesies are back in, to be honest, I’m really comfortable in my skin, I like to be naked. So, when I go out at night, I’ll wear a onesie and a sheer skirt and it’s very tasteful but, yet it’s very sexy. And a lot of women of all sizes, can pull that off.

What are basic pieces every woman needs?

A good pair of high-waist jeans to really hold you in, to me. I have at least 10 pairs but, I rotate ‘em, yea, I mean this is so funny, I own a store, I have a store full of clothes but, I rotate my clothes all the time. Not the tops, but, the jeans; a good pair of jeans, you can never go wrong.

Where we can find your store?

OK, our store, Monte Bella Boutique, we were located in John’s Creek, we just did a move. We’re going to be opening shortly, sometime hopefully next month in the Atlanta area, but until then, you can find us online at

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