Mayor Rahm Emanuel concealed another video of Chicago police killing an unarmed Black teen

Photo: Cedrick Chatman’s family

The corruption that has existed for years in Chicago continues to be exposed at a rapid pace. Only two months after the Laquan McDonald cover-up, Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel has another police killing come to light after video of the shooting was intentionally concealed.

In January 2013, Officer Kevin Fry and his partner responded to a call and stopped a car traveling in the South Shore neighborhood. Cedrick Chatman, 17, jumped out of the car and ran away from the police. However, Officer Fry pulled out his weapon and began firing at Chatman. Four bullets hit Chatman and the teen dropped dead in the middle of the street in broad daylight. An iPhone box was the only thing in his hand. Fry’s partner, Officer Lou Toth, grabbed Chatman’s arm and placed handcuffs on his wrists. Toth then stepped on the dead boy’s neck and kept his foot there until other officers arrived.

Fry and Toth were never charged with murder and were cleared of any wrongdoing by Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority. But that only occurred after IPRA fired Black supervisor Lorenzo Davis who viewed the police shooting as a criminal act. Once Davis was fired, the board cleared Fry and Toth and allowed both of the officers to return to work.

Chatman’s family attempted to pressure the city of Chicago to release the surveillance video. But Mayor Emanuel decided to keep the video concealed for three years. He only reversed his decision a few days ago after it became evident that a U.S. District Judge would force the release of the video. Once the footage was finally released, U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman blasted Mayor Emanuel and the Chicago officials for suddenly having a change heart. Gettleman called the decision “irresponsible.”

But the major issue in Chicago is that city leaders and police officers haven’t been forced to be responsible for negligent actions against unarmed Blacks. Since 2003, Fry has had over 30 complaints of misconduct. His record proves that he doesn’t have an idea of what means to protect and serve a community.

Also, this is another mark on Mayor Emanuel’s horrid record. He has allowed a system of illegal behaviors to exist and has done whatever it takes to conceal the truth. At this point, Emanuel should be forced to leave his office by impeachment or in handcuffs.

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