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Alleged mistreatment of Black truckers sparks call to boycott Denny’s

The restaurant’s press release doesn’t tell the full story
Denny's (Photo credit: / Urban Images)

Activists are calling for a boycott of Denny’s after the chain restaurant‘s alleged mistreatment of two Black truckers.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by @classiicdamo642, two Black truckers were dining in a Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Denny’s when a White waitress approached them and informed them they had to leave the restaurant or be escorted out by the police, who were allegedly “on the way.”

“What did we do?” one Black trucker asked on the video.

“I have no idea,” the White waitress responded. “I’m not in the situation, but, um, she, like, just to make it more calm, she said like, you guys could calmly leave because we, like, have a lot of people around, or the police will be on the way because they are.”

The police, as promised, arrived at the dining table.

“Can we talk outside real quick?” an officer asked on the video.

The truckers alleged the restaurant staff refused to serve them. The two truckers said they didn’t cause a disturbance or anything before the police arrived. A trucker spoke exclusively to TYT’s Rashad Richey about the situation. The trucker said his dining companion asked to order and the waitress said he didn’t like his tone. The two sides then went back and forth.

The pair of truckers have since reached out to Denny’s, but Denny’s did not respond. Once they reached out to Richey and he highlighted the story, more details came to light. For example, the 911 call for the police came from the restaurant’s manager, who wasn’t at the Denny’s at the time of the call. The off-site manager said the truckers were harassing the staff, following them around the restaurant and refusing to leave. The manager, Michael Fletcher, is also the husband of the server who argued with the truckers. In Denny’s press release, the restaurant claimed the server has since been fired.

Trucker groups have since started the hashtag “#BoycottDennys” following the sloppy way the restaurant handled the investigation.

YouTube video

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  1. I worked there during this situation (ironically my day off) and as what I know is that the fletchers have been fired from other restaurants, don’t know if it was the same situation as the Denny’s ordeal,I do work at one of the restaurants that they are not allowed on the premises. My first hand experience with Denny’s as a cook I’ll never ever go back there as w employee or a customer,

  2. I’m try to understand! Why are still eat at Denny’s when they have a history of being racist?!

  3. My daughter works at Denny’s the Denny’s your talking about. She has worked there for ten years. My granddaughter is black so quit saying everyone there is racist assholes

    1. Please don’t get in your feelings about this. If it doesn’t apply to your daughter or grand daughter or who ever, then it shouldn’t bother you. Obviously, Dennys has a history of being racist. No need to curse!!

    2. Okay white man. Racism is a huge issue in America, ignited by GUESS WHO? Your white savior the orange racist donald trumpf. Just because you have a BLACK grand daughter solves nothing. She will experience hatred and bigotry, just as all other people of color do. They will probably hate her even more.

      1. B*******, it’s your black man behind the curtain in the White House.Is telling Joe Biden?What to do is the one that has started a race war in this country. Donald Trump has not treated the black people bad.He doesn’t look at color he just looks at them.As people just like I do. But you and your trump derangement syndrome need to go find another audience because we’re not buying your bull. Barack hussein obama and joe biden are the ones that are making this country into a race war. Go play with yourself in the closet and let the adults have a conversation.

      2. Oh really?? Are you talking about the savior who said if you don’t vote for me then you ain’t Black or I am against segregation because I don’t want my kids living in an urban jungle or the same guy who eulogized a Senator who was once a KKK recruiter? That guy doesn’t have orange hair, he has no hair and falls down everywhere he goes.

  4. Confrontational, and they are cooking their food? Boycott Denny’s and don’t bring them supplies from the trucks. And pray for the people that are still not aware that slave days are over.

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