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Usher, Killer Mike kick off Black History Month with appearance at Citizens Trust Bank

Usher, Citizens Trust Bank rep, Jermaine Dupri, Killer Mike

Usher, Citizens Trust Bank rep, Jermaine Dupri, Killer Mike

Jermaine Dupri and Killer Mike kicked off Black History Month by joining Usher and the Influencer Coalition family at Atlanta’s only Black-owned financial institution, Citizens Trust Bank.

“Empowerment starts with ownership. We’re here supporting Citizens Trust Bank as a Black bank, but it also stands for the support of all the Black businesses that they support. Its all about supporting our own,” Usher explained.

Killer Mike agreed with Usher. “Bank small, bank local, bank black,” he said. “Gone are the days of most banks knowing their account holders. I can walk in here and voice my concerns, my complaints — or my compliments — to a live person.  I know the staff here, they know me. I know my dollar counts. We are quick to say what we don’t have but here is a Black institution, 95 years strong and poised to grow, that is supporting the community. If we could get one million black people to come in and open one bank account with 100 dollars, in one weekend, that’s 100 million dollars. This is how we make Black history.”

“I think this is great what Usher is doing. It’s a great way to start Black History Month off by supporting a Black business,” Dupri agreed.

Citizens Trust Bank is located at 75 Piedmont Ave. in Atlanta.

Photos by Kassia Ishmael