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Rob Kardashian’s team weighs in on sobriety questions

Photo Credit: Rob Kardashian’s Instagram (@robkardashian)

Photo Credit: Rob Kardashian’s Instagram (@robkardashian)

Earlier this week, reports claimed Rob Kardashian’s new relationship with video vixen Blac Chyna may be bad for his health, literally, because it may lead him to relapse with his alleged drug addictions. However, a new report claims Rob isn’t getting anywhere near any drugs any time soon.

As previously reported, Chyna was arrested in Austin, TX last week after police found two ecstasy pills in her purse. Since then, sources have claimed that the Kardashian family was worried that she’d lead Rob down a dark path back to drugs.

However, according to media reports, sources say that Rob is aggravated that his family would even consider that he’d abuse drugs again. The sources say that Rob is still clean and that he’s more focused on his health now that he’s living with Chyna.

The sources also addressed rumors that the Kardashian family is worried that Rob isn’t taking his insulin and meds in the wake of his Type-2 diabetes diagnosis. The sources say that Rob works out in Chyna’s at-home gym everyday and that he’s losing weight now that he’s watching what he eats.

Although Rob is reportedly adamant about staying off drugs, the report references the rumor that Khloe Kardashian walked in on him and Chyna in her kitchen with bottles of liquor strewn about her place, so while Rob may not be doing drugs, the sources say that he’s not making any statements about whether he drinks.

At this point, it’s unclear what Rob is doing besides spending time with Chyna. Hopefully, he really is staying clean and getting back to a healthy state.