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Sports » Cam Newton, an MVP on and off the field

Cam Newton, an MVP on and off the field


Photo courtesy of The Cam Newton Foundation

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers has been named the 2015 National Football League Most Valuable Player, as expected. I mean, if you saw him play this season, it was obvious he was the best player on the best team. With the team’s 15-1 record, Cam’s 35 passing and 10 rushing touchdowns, combined with nearly 4,000 passing yards, it would have been fraudulent to give it to anyone else. But Cam is more than a touchdown throwing, end zone running, dabbin’ to his heart’s content superstar. Newton has been, and continues to be an MVP off the field, as well.

The NFL MVP has been sponsoring events with The Cam Newton Foundation since his infancy as a professional and has added more events each year. Some of the memorable events include his annual “Christmas with Cam” where he hosts patients from Levine Children’s Hospital and treats them to a VIP experience in a suite at a Panthers game featuring Christmas gifts, special guests, and of course plenty of signed memorabilia from the superstar signal caller. He has also hosted an annual seven on seven high school football event called the 7 v 7 Tournament Series.

This doesn’t include the charity work Cam does for the Panthers and the NFL. As a Heisman Award-winning college football player who also won a college championship and the NFL Rookie of the Year honors in 2011, Cam has been a star on the football field for years and has always been in high demand. One such event took place midseason, when the Panthers honored the memory of fallen soldiers by wearing decals with their initials on their helmets. Newton was quoted on the organization’s website as saying the following before the event: “The things we take for granted, the little things that are part of everyday life: freedom, freedom of speech, living the life I live. I’ve been able to see different ways of life, from being a guy that messed up and had a second chance to someone who was able to achieve his dream of playing football, none of it would be possible without the people that we will be representing on Sunday. It does not stop there, we should try and take a moment when we see them in everyday life and salute the troops for making the ultimate sacrifice, for giving us the opportunity to do what we love. Of course we can’t say thank you enough but we mean it from the bottom of our hearts.”

So, what’s in the future for the MVP off the field? His upcoming 2016 7 v 7 Tournament Series will take place in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC in June and July. And as his brand and popularity continue to grow, expect Cam to add more to his plate in addition to his annual charity events, especially as a defending MVP, possible Super Bowl champion and potential Super Bowl MVP. But that seems fine to the 26 year-old who is the future face of the NFL, as he keeps dabbin’ his way to being an MVP on and off the football field.