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Author Cindy E. Folson talks intriguing e-novel ‘Tainted’

Cindy E. Folson

Photo Credit: Instagram / CindyAndTheCity

After struggling to get her foot in the door and becoming frustrated with the process of securing an agent and publisher, up-and-coming writer Cindy E. Folson decided to take matters into her own hands by showcasing her work on Wattpad, a free writing community that allows people to share their creative works with the masses.

Her novel, Tainted, chronicles the life of protagonist Alyssa Parker as she leaves Detroit and starts a new life in NYC. That new life includes new friends, new jobs and a non-traditional relationship with irresistible playboy, Adian Harrison, who happens to have a strong aversion to monogamy. As a result, Alyssa finds herself as part of Adian’s harem of women which also includes wild child Miranda Coker. It’s no secret that Alyssa and Miranda despise each other and, after a series of very ill-fated events, their lives end up resembling scenes from VH1’s popular drama fest, Love & Hip-Hop, with cat fights, makeups, breakups, drugs and a plethora of bad life decisions.

In fact, Folson caught Love & Hip-Hop star Peter Gunz’s infamous Breakfast Club interview when he tried to rationalize how and why the love triangle between he, Amina and Tara won’t cease. She instantly knew she made the right decision in showcasing her book on Wattpad because their real lives were imitating her art.

“It sounded a lot like something Adian would say,” said the writer who also is a thriving PR recruiting executive. “He loves both women and never intended to hurt either, much like Peter. And Alyssa and Miranda love him so they stay and tolerate the situation, even though they’re unhappy, just like Amina and Tara.”

While Tainted was inspired by her own bad relationships and those of people around her, overall Folson describes her book as a cautionary tale of the consequences of remaining in unhealthy relationships.

“We all have that one person we know we have no business being involved with, but we stay because it’s familiar and comfortable or because we’re bored or scared,” she says. “I wanted to explore and show what could happen if those relationships and experiences cost you more than your time, some tears and a broken heart.”

For more information on Cindy and her book, Tainted, please visit her Wattpad page or follow her on Instagram: cindyandthecity and Twitter: cindynthecity.