Nationwide Insurance hosts Women’s Empowerment Brunch at CIAA

Photo Credit: Shalmar Brown
CIAA Comissioner Jaccqie McWilliams and Ann Mitchell (Photo credit: Shalmar Brown Mozee)

The Nationwide Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Women’s Empowerment Brunch was held at the Charlotte Westin Hotel during tournament week. The brunch was an elegant and polished gathering of prestigious women and students involved in the CIAA Conference. Attendees ranged from CIAA Commissioner Jacqie McWilliams to CIAA conference school’s women basketball players. Attendees also included Nationwide representatives.

Keynote speaker Commissioner Jacqie McWilliams spoke about diversity in sports and her successful journey as the first appointed female commissioner of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Rolling out had the opportunity to sit with Nationwide’s AVP of Executive Sales Ann Mitchell, who interviewed McWilliams during the event.

Why is it important for Nationwide to be more than just a business and have affiliation with the CIAA Conference?
CIAA allows us to achieve the “on your side” promise with the community and with future generations of Americans. One thing that we do like to have when we work with CIAA is being able to look for quality athletes/students to come and work within our organization. We hire a lot of interns and offer full-time jobs in claims and sales to work within Nationwide.

What will Nationwide feature at the CIAA Fan Fest?
It’s going to be a jam-packed event. We have a lot of interaction at our booth. People can learn about Nationwide. We will also have on-the-spot interviews for students who are interested in careers within our organization.

What does women’s empowerment mean to you?
Women’s empowerment is about helping others reach their fullest potential. It all starts with your mindset and how you build your own inner confidence and understanding that you can have goals and establishing a plan to reach your girls. So, women’s empowerment for me, it’s about reaching out and helping others, giving them a chance to be whoever they want to be.

You interviewed keynote speaker Commissioner Jacqie McWilliams at today’s brunch. Tell us what that experience was like.
It was amazing. I mean, she is so grounded just looking at what she can do to help and advance others and just so genuine and just a person that you feel like you can relate to. I didn’t realize I was sitting there with the CEO of this prestigious organization. I learned so much about her even for myself as I continue my journey and my career. Having confidence and being okay with yourself and reaching back to God as your balance [are] the things I took away.

What was your favorite part of today’s event?
Actually being able to be here with the students and hearing their questions of the commissioner. They had a lot of bright questions about how did she get to where she is and how do you deal with a challenge. I think just watching her educate our next generation was very empowering for me.

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