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Tinashe opens up about her sexuality

Photo Credit: Tinashe's Instagram (@tinashenow)
Photo Credit: Tinashe’s Instagram (@tinashenow)

Tinashe is definitely one of the pop world’s hottest new girls right and for sure many men want a chance to get with the pop star. However, for Tinashe, men aren’t the only thing on her romantic radar. According to the singer, she’s open to dating both men and women.

Back in 2011, as her star was rising, Tinashe first hinted that she’s attracted to men and women with a simple tweet: “I like boys. and I like girls. I just got so much love love loveeeeee to give #sueme.”

The following year, Tinashe shared more about her sexuality in a personal blog post, saying that she doesn’t want to give her sexuality any kind of conventional label.

“I don’t necessarily want to put a title on it, ‘cause as soon as you put a title on it, people, you know, put it into a category where it has to be 50/50,” Tinashe wrote. “But I definitely know that I have an attraction to everyone and I love everybody.”

According to media reports, Tinashe recently spoke again about the LGBT topic and explained that she has a strong love for and connection with her LGBT fans.

“I get really, really great energy [from my queer fans],” Tinashe said. “When I see everyone in the crowd singing, dancing and having a great time, I can feel that energy, and that always pumps me up so much.”

The singer then opened up about her sexuality, once again, and explained that she still doesn’t feel any need to label her sexuality. But she also says that there’s no sense of pressure because of how accepting society has become about same-sex attraction.

“I feel, like, nowadays, people are a little bit more understanding of the fact that other people don’t necessarily want to assign themselves one particular thing or another,” she said. “That’s all a part of how we’re growing and progressing as a society. I think it’s exciting that we don’t have to be so black and white, because the world isn’t black and white.”

Although Tinashe doesn’t feel any pressure about explaining her attraction to other people, she admitted in another interview that she does feel pressure about who she dates in the industry. Read what she had to say, after the cut.

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