5 most intriguing storylines of the NBA Playoffs


The most wonderful time of the year has arrived for NBA fans. The real season has began as the first round of the NBA Playoffs kicks-off today.

We have compiled a list of the most intriguing storylines of the 2016 postseason.

Will the Golden State Warriors complete their historic season? 

The GSW won 73 games and dethroned Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls to become a team with the most wins in the regular season. Unfortunately, their big day was overshadowed by Kobe Bryant’s farewell 60-point game. But regular season wins won’t mean much if they fail to win another championship. As Scottie Pippen once said, “It doesn’t mean a thing without the ring.”

Will LeBron James become bored by his teammates?

LeBron James hasn’t appeared to have much fun this season. Unlike the wide smiles and spirited play that was a staple during his Miami Heat years, James often seems as if he’s going through the motions years to play with friends. Maybe he just doesn’t like his Cavs teammates as much as Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Regardless of the issue, James is great enough to will the Cavs to victory over most of the Eastern Conference. But the Cavs would have a difficult time defeating the Warriors, Spurs, Thunder, or even the Clippers. Much of the playoffs will be about what happens with James after the season.

Will OKC Thunder or Spurs upset the Warriors?

The GSW were pretty much invisible during the regular season. But things are different when teams have days to study your habits and adjust. The Warriors could face real challenges if they match up against the OKC Thunder or Spurs.

Will any Eastern Conference team without LeBron on their squad have a chance to make the NBA Finals?

The Eastern Conference was basically a tug-of-war as teams outside of the Cavs and Raptors battled for playoff position. The Raptors have the best chance of defeating the Cavs, but the Miami Heat could possibly make things uncomfortable for LeBron. The Celtics and Hawks can make the Cavs work for every basket, but probably won’t have enough in the tank to reach the Finals.

Will the Clippers be the most slept-on team?

The Clippers aren’t as cool as the GSW or OKC Thunder. And they also aren’t as precise as the Spurs. However, any team with Doc Rivers as coach has a chance for a major upset. They match-up well against every Western Conference team and have the fire power to go deep into the playoffs.

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