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LeBron James blasted by Black Lives Matter for not standing up for Tamir Rice

(Photo credit: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media

(Photo credit: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media

Black fans in Cleveland wanted LeBron James to make a statement. Days after a grand jury declined to indict police officers in the murder of Cleveland native Tamir Rice, activists called for James to follow the actions of black players from the University of Missouri. They wanted James to sit out games in protest.

James responded to Rice’s case following the Cleveland Cavs game against the Denver Nuggets by suggesting that he didn’t know enough about the case to respond. “To be honest, I really haven’t been on top of this issue, I don’t have enough knowledge about it,” James said.

It’s hard to believe that James would have little knowledge about a situation where a Black child in his hometown was murdered. Considering that James responded to the case months earlier, it was a disappointing answer from a person who stands as the most recognized Black figure in Cleveland.

In the past, James have made statements by posting a picture with Miami Heat players while wearing a hood for Trayvon Martin. He also wore a “I Can’t Breathe” shirt in solidarity to the death of Eric Garner.

However, James was blasted by activists on social media who called for the NBA star to make a profound statement for Tamir Rice. The hashtag #NoJusticeNoLeBron soon became a trending topic on Twitter.

Checkout statements below:


  1. Missy on December 30, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    The #blacklivesmatter movement needs to stand up for black people in these streets that are being robbed & killed by other black people. Do they only care when black people are shot and killed by white police officers. For this reason, I don’t support them.. Does it not matter that these young black men/boys are killing each other, innocent children are being lured into alleys and killed , “Tyshawn Lee”, Young ladies are being innocently killed because they were in the wrong place at wrong time while coming home from school ” Hadiya Pendleton”, young men with promising futures in the NBA are gunned down probably because others were jealous ” Armoni Sexton”, young children can’t even do their homework without bullets flying through their rooms and killing them ” Jamyla Bolden”. All fell victim to hands of other black people… Give me a break. Why are we black folks so concerned about what details Lebron wants before he speaks about Tamir Rice killed by a white police officer? Why is that his responsibility to speak on this matter? Everyone is complaining about how bad society is and how badly things are becoming in black communities… well these bad ass kids belong to somebody. Some of you are probably reading this…Take responsibility for your kids and your families. Stop this ” don’t snitch” crap. that’s why these idiots won’t stop harming innocent people because they know everyone is afraid to stand up for themselves and to them. Send these young men in the streets a message by turning their asses in ( family or not) when you know they’ve committed a violent crime. press your congressmen for harsher punishments for violent crimes. Only then will they stop. For Goodness sake.. wake up & stop giving a pass to young black men,boys & some girls to just knock us off, one by one, by one, by one and so on…. press the #blacklivesmatter movement to do more in their own communities, in our communities to put an end to the violent crimes against each other. Otherwise, you, me , your family.. we all inevitably will be the next victims on their hit lists..

    • Jazzman450 on January 1, 2016 at 3:50 pm

      Do you understand what the Black Lives Matter Movement stand for? It looks like you do not. What does black on black crime, have to do with cops not being held accountable for their crimes?! Are you saying it is okay for cops to do wrong and not be held accountable, because there is black on black crime?! There is white on white crime and when white folks do not like something, they speak out! The Black Lives Matter Movement wants any cop, no matter his or her race to be accountable for their actions! You state the “don’t snitch” crap. How about when a cop see another cop doing wrong, don’t lie for the cop! It works both ways! The Black Lives Matter Movement has started working with other groups around the country on black on black crimes, but the media will not show that! Are you blaming Tamir Rice for his own death?! Black people can stop the killing among each other, but will that change cops killing us! The Black Lives Matter Movement can fight against black on black crime and police brutality! And tell me how young black men, boys, girls gave a pass?! When a black person commits a crime, they are held accountable for that crime! When a cop commits a crime, he or she walks! You need to do some research on the Black Lives Matter Movement! What are you doing in your community?! What is black on black crime?! What is white on white crime?! There are both just crimes! There is no difference! Crime is crime! When a black person commits a crime towards a white person, what do you call it! White on black?! Who’s hit list?!

  2. FuZ on December 31, 2015 at 12:59 am

    It’s not his job and I’m sure that his team and the league would sue. He should know more about the situation considering the proximity and his actions regarding Trayvon Martin.
    Stop expecting folks to do “what they would do if…”, but are not doing it now.

    • marquita millen on December 31, 2015 at 12:04 pm

      How would the league sue for him standing up for a black boy who died? If anything, they would stand behind him because he is the best player. People should call him out and other black athletes who do nothing but go to the club and buy strippers

      • FuZ on December 31, 2015 at 12:51 pm

        First off, he was the best player in the league.
        Secondly, you are mixing two different topics. The club and strippers have nothing to do with this subject. Call them out for going to the club and hanging them with strippers. And also ask them to protest. That makes no sense.
        Finally, sue him because he would be in violation of his CONTRACT. The league and his team has lawyers. They’ll find a way.
        Those that people look up to celebrities, should look closer to home. As this past year could easily show, you don’t know any of these “stars”.
        *Anyone really believes that LeBron didn’t know about this case? If so, never mind.

  3. bumboclot on December 31, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    That movement lost all credibility. Really: you are going to pressure a pro athlete to sit out games for YOUR cause? It’s a DEMOCRACY stupid! Everything is the way it is because YOU decided to make it that way. Anyone can run for office, anyone can vote, anyone can become a cop! Stop protesting and do one of those things instead.

    • Jason on January 1, 2016 at 7:47 am

      I agree, but never forget the impact of white supremacy over black life.

  4. Darlyn on January 2, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Black folks need to stop depending on Black professional athletes to rescue us from the clutches of a White supremacist society – it’s a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. You never slap the wrist of those who feed you. Secondly, it’s up to ALL Black people to dig deep and do what we need to do – can’t get us to stop buying over-priced merchandise, created by people who don’t give a damn about you – only your money, and turn off the television and band together to bring about change. They don’t care about us marching. They don’t care about trendy hashtags.They don’t care about us choosing to starve – the MIZZOU victory came when the football team stepped in. The truth is Black will people will not do it – we are sooooo in love with “things”, and they give us a lot of esteem. Secondly, the whole “what about Black on Black crime????” question is old…and Black folks need to have a seat. Criminals do what criminals do – they kill people. When Black folks kill, we go to jail. Again, Black folks (men, in particular) need to leave the comfort of the couch, and get outside and “shepherd” their communities…and it can’t be one group, on one day…it has to be EVERY day, and EVERYwhere. We get hyped up for a minute, and when we realize that change doesn’t come because of hype, we go back to business as usual. I get that, and I’m outraged about that too…I can be outraged about more than one issue, without being questioned about it. Plus, the media never covers any grassroots efforts by Black folks anyway. So, still stay seated.Thirdly, when law enforcement unlawfully targets and kills unarmed Black people, we got a HUGE problem – we can’t “shepherd” that away. Police are supposed to protect and serve the public, and uphold the law. They can’t be criminals..doesn’t work, and it sets the stage for anarchy. When law enforcement chooses to kill us, as the first and ONLY option – and get to use the “I feared for my life” escape route, EVERY SINGLE TIME, there’s a problem. So stop with the incessant questioning about “WHY AREN’T WE CONCERNED ABOUT BLACK ON BLACK CRIME????” The better question is why aren’t we so in love with each other, that we will do what we need to do to secure a better life for ourselves and our children? We don’t care enough about each other…period. Stop looking for the “go-to guys” to end injustice, and let’s become the people we need to be to create the society we claim to want.

  5. venus337 on January 2, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    newsflash: PROTESTING AND MARCHING AND RIOTING IS NOT GOING TO WORK!!! The only thing that will work is by economic strategy…stop buying tickets, products, and venues that do not support our issues…..

  6. Jason on January 6, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    Forget LeBron – He has joined the Dark Side with the likes of Michael Jordan and Bill Cosby. Oh wait…