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More men accuse Afrika Bambaataa of forcing oral sex when they were kids


Photo: via Zulu Nation Facebook

Rap icon Afrika Bambaataa has been described as a “pervert” by several men who claim that he has an affinity for young boys. After Ronald Savage initially came forward to reveal that he was abused by Bambaataa, more men have told similar stories.

In a video that was posted on YouTube, Bruce Campbell, 39, discussed how Bambaataa took advantage of him during his youth. Campbell said that Bambaataa allowed him to stay at his house when issues would occur at his family’s home. However, Bambaataa used the opportunity to abuse Campbell from the age of 12 until 13. Campbell remained in contact with Bambaataa throughout the years and said the rap legend promised a public apology. However, that apology never came.

Another man named Troy, who wouldn’t give his last name, stepped forward to reveal how he was abused by the rap legend. Troy, like many of the other victims, said the abuse began after Bambaataa would show him pornographic photos in a book. Bambaataa allegedly showed Troy a photo of a penis and told him that he would not be gay if he allowed him to perform oral sex. Moments later, Troy said that Bambaataa sexually abused him. Troy, 51, says that he continues to deal with the traumatic experience of his childhood and wished that the truth was discovered earlier.

Savage, 50, initially shared his story in a self-published book Impulse Urges and Fantasies. He claimed that the abuse began when Bambaataa was 23 years-old. Savage would carry record crates for Bambaataa and other DJs. The first incident occurred when Bambaataa fondled Savage and himself. Another man joined and Bambaataa forced Savage to perform oral sex on the man.

Savage says that he is still distraught from the abuse and hopes to initiate a change of New York’s statute of limitations on sex crimes against children.

Reps for Bambaataa, who is considered a founder of the Zulu Nation, have denied each claim against the hip-hop legend and have called Savage a liar and government informant. However, the number of accusations is alarming and may force Bambaataa to step down as leader of the Zulu Nation.

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  1. hidaya on April 21, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Sounds like the rap legend is a pedofile. Time for justice! He should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law!

    Crazy, sad, mixed world this is!