R. Kelly’s alleged victim reveals horrifying abuse on witness stand

Another alleged victim testified of harrowing abuse in the R. Kelly racketeering and sex abuse trial that included forced abortion, giving her herpes, frequent spanking and making her rub feces on her face. The unidentified accuser, called Jane Doe 5, was emotional on the stand in Brooklyn federal court as she recalled the five-year relationship […]

Cyntoia Brown Long supports Black teen who killed her sex abuser

Cyntoia Brown Long has come to the support of a teenaged girl who is facing life in prison. Long posted an image on social media with a hoodie that read, “Justice 4 Chrystul Kizer.” Kizer’s story is similar to Long’s criminal case. Prosecutors charged Kizer, now 19, with arson and first-degree intentional homicide, an offense […]

R. Kelly calls alleged sex victims ‘disgruntled groupies’ in court

Singer R. Kelly is swinging back from his Cook County jail cell at the alleged sex victims whose testimonies could send him to federal prison for decades. In court documents, the “Step in the Name of Love” singer dismissed his alleged victims as “disgruntled groupies.” Kelly’s legal team was in court in an attempt to […]

R. Kelly will likely face indictments on federal charges as well

In addition to the state indictments on criminal sexual abuse against embattled singer R. Kelly in Chicago, he is also likely to face another set of indictments on a federal level, the media has learned. The “Step in the Name of Love” singer is expected to be indicted on sex trafficking and tax evasion charges […]

R. Kelly accuser claims singer was more than friends with Aaliyah’s mother

The saga surrounding R. Kelly continues to make national headlines following the backlash from “Surviving R. Kelly” and the singer’s sexual abuse case. In a recent interview, Lisa Van Allen revealed shocking details about Kelly and his alleged relationship with Aaliyah’s mother Diane Haughton. Allen claimed that Kelly had sex with Aaliyah and Haughton, according […]

R. Kelly accuser reveals threatening letter singer allegedly sent her

Like a fly trapped within a spider’s trap, the more moves R. Kelly tries to squirm free, the more entrapped he seems to get within the elaborate legal web. The court is now reportedly in possession of the embattled “Step in the Name of Love” singer’s threatening letter that he allegedly fired off to one […]

Black woman reveals gripping details about being sexually abused by president

Another woman has come forward with shocking allegations of sexual misconduct against President Donald Trump. Alva Johnson, a former staffer for Trump during the 2016 election, revealed that she was sexually abused by the president. The incident occurred in August 2016 after a campaign rally in Tampa, according to the Washington Post. Johnson, 43, said Trump […]

R. Kelly’s lawyer says women had sex with him because ‘they wanted to’

Following the explosive accusations made against R. Kelly in “Surviving R. Kelly,” his attorney has finally spoken out on his behalf. Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, recently discussed the singer’s pending legal issues during an interview with CBS News. “We know what happened, and we know those things didn’t happen,” Greenberg said. “The man [R.Kelly] was not […]

Catholic bishops meet in Chicago as predatory priests exposed

For the past 20 years, multiple Catholic priests have been exposed as child molesters that the Vatican and local archdioceses have protected. It has caused the reassignment or resignation of Cardinals, bishops and parish priests across the globe. The United States is no different when it comes to these pedophile priests that have silently plagued communities […]

R. Kelly’s brother says singer sexually abused this underage girl

Accusations of sexual impropriety continue to hammer away at prolific R&B singer-songwriter R. Kelly — and some of the most scurrilous claims are coming from his own family members. The charges that R. Kelly ran a pair of sex cults in Chicago and Atlanta, along with many other claims, have been incoming relentlessly the past […]

HIV-positive high school coach jailed after sexually abusing male students

Carlos Bell of Charles County, Maryland, was hired at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School and La Plata High School to give guidance to students. However, Bell, who served as teacher’s aide and track coach, abused his position by molesting young male students. According to reports by WUSA 9, Bell, 30, sexually abused at least seven male […]

Man, 34, arrested for impregnating his girlfriend’s 10-year-old child

One of the most severe cases of child abuse in 2017 has taken place in Marion, Indiana.  According to WANE, a 34-year-old man has impregnated his girlfriend’s 10-year-old child. It all began after Nicholas Thrash, 34, began dating the victim’s mother, 32, about two years ago. At some point during their relationship, Thrash began to […]

Elementary school volunteer sexually assaulted 23 kids, forced sex on film

Another pedophile was allowed to have access to kids. According to The Washington Times, Deonte Carraway was hired by Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary in Prince George County to serve as a school aide. But instead of providing guidance to the students, Carraway sexually exploited kids who attended the school. At least 23 children from the […]

15-year-old girl caught having sex with 25 boys in a school restroom

A teen in Fort Myers, Florida was caught having sex with multiple students while in school. According to WFTX, the incident occurred inside a restroom at South Fort Myers High School hours after the school was closed. School officials said 25 boys locked the door to the main boys restroom while the acts were taking […]

Judge not charged after forcing men to have sex for reduced jail time

A sick judge in a Arkansas used his power to exploit men who appeared in his courtroom as defendants. According to documents found by a state commission, Judge Joseph Boeckmann had nearly 5,000 images of nude men on his computers and the majority of those men were once defendants in his courtroom. The photos were […]

Asst. principal forced female student to have sex for protection from bullies

An assistant principal at a school in Rock Hill, South Carolina  allegedly used manipulation and fear to get sex from a female student. According to reports by WBTV, Kenneth Andrew Williams, 30, served as an administrator at Northwestern High School when the alleged incidents occurred. A victim went to authorities last week and revealed disturbing […]

More men accuse Afrika Bambaataa of forcing oral sex when they were kids

Rap icon Afrika Bambaataa has been described as a “pervert” by several men who claim that he has an affinity for young boys. After Ronald Savage initially came forward to reveal that he was abused by Bambaataa, more men have told similar stories. In a video that was posted on YouTube, Bruce Campbell, 39, discussed […]

Why a man could avoid jail after ejaculating into female co-worker’s coffee

A man in Minnesota was able to avoid a felony after he admitted to ejaculating into his co-worker’s coffee because he was attracted to her. According to CBS Minnesota, Pat Maahs began noticing a weird taste in her coffee over a span of six months. In one incident, Maah walked into her office and saw […]