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R. Kelly calls alleged sex victims ‘disgruntled groupies’ in court

R. Kelly calls alleged sex victims 'disgruntled groupies' in court
R. Kelly (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Singer R. Kelly is swinging back from his Cook County jail cell at the alleged sex victims whose testimonies could send him to federal prison for decades.

In court documents, the “Step in the Name of Love” singer dismissed his alleged victims as “disgruntled groupies.”

Kelly’s legal team was in court in an attempt to convince a judge to let Kelly, 52, out of jail until his trial on multiple federal charges, including the Mann Act (transporting girls across state lines for the purpose of sexual activities) and racketeering. The defense team says Kelly is not a serial sex predator who hunted down underage girls for his own perverse gratification. The lawyer said the women were “groupies [who] sought out Robert’s attention, even fought each other for it, voluntarily contacted him, came to his shows, pined to be with him …”

Kelly’s attorneys went on in the documents that TMZ obtained, stating the women were “five disgruntled groupies, not all of which are alleged to be underage, who now show groupie remorse so many years later and only after a TV Show and an aggressive, vocal Cook County prosecutor makes a public cry for ‘victims come forth,’ tell your story and be famous.”

The Bump N’ Grind singer pinpointed one alleged victim, in particular, to show as an example of how much women were aggressively pursuing him, not the other way around. Kelly, through his attorney, said this woman “wanted him so much that she alleges that she did not require or even request that a condom be used.”

After this woman claimed that Kelly transmitted the STD herpes to her, the lawyer said the woman was “sexually promiscuous” and that the U.S. Department of Justice failed to probe into how many sexual partners this one accuser had prior to being with Kelly.

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