Black teen faces life for killing White man who forced her into sex trafficking

Black teen faces life for killing White man who forced her into sex trafficking
 Chrystul Kizer (right) and Randy Volar. (Photo: Kenosha County Jail)

A Black teen could be sentenced to life in prison for killing a White man who forced her into the sex trade.

Chrystul Kizer, 19, was told by Judge David P. Wilk in Kenosha County, Wisconsin that she must face life in prison after killing Randy Volar, according to Washington Post.

Three years ago when Kizer was 16-years-old she met Randy Volar, 33.  Volar raped Kizer multiple times and filmed himself having sex with the minor.

He would eventually force Kizer into sex trafficking by taking her to seedy motels and making her have sex with numerous men. He threatened to kill Kizer if she decided to not work.

In February 2018, police arrested Volar on multiple charges including child sexual assault. However, they released him without bail.

On June 5, 2018, Kizer allegedly shot and killed Volar and set his body on fire. Police found evidence that Voler abused several girls who were as young as 12 and recorded video and took photos of them having sex or in sexual positions.

Police also discovered a bank account totalling $1.5 million that he likely received while sex trafficking young girls.

Prosecutors charged Kizer, now 19,  with arson and first-degree intentional homicide, an offense that carries a mandatory life sentence in Wisconsin. They believe Kizer’s crime was premeditated so she could steal Voler’s BMW.

Wisconsin has a law that gives sex-trafficking victims an “affirmative defense” if they can prove at trial they committed a crime because they were being trafficked. If victims can prove that they were forced into sex-trafficking, they can be acquitted of all charges.

However, Judge Wilk claims that acquitting Kizer would set a dangerous precedent.

Kizer’s attorneys plan to appeal the judge’s decision.

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