Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas facing new troubles

Photo Credit: Peter Thomas' Instagram (@peterthomasrhoa)
Photo credit: Peter Thomas’ Instagram (@peterthomasrhoa)

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas may not be living together anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not tied to each other. And that’s an unfortunate truth for Bailey, right now, because reports have revealed that Thomas and Bailey are being sued over an altercation that Thomas was involved in earlier this year.

As previously reported, a man named Brandon Link was at Thomas’ Sports One bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he claimed that he was speaking with Thomas to negotiate renting space in the bar. Link alleges that the negotiations went south and that Thomas grabbed him and threw him across the room, which he claims resulted in him hitting his head on the edge of a table and getting a concussion.

However, Thomas claimed that Link was drunk and belligerent and had to be escorted away from the bar by security. Thomas claims that when Link was outside, he slipped on the icy ground and hit his head.

Neither man was arrested, but the case did end up in court and now media reports claim that Link is seeking money from both Thomas and Bailey.

Reports claim that Link has filed a lawsuit against Thomas and Bailey, claiming that Thomas and/or his Sports One staffers tampered with the surveillance camera footage to make it seem as though Thomas is innocent.

Link even claims that Thomas exposed his alleged cheating in the video when he allegedly yelled that he was “working on some p—-” when Link tried to discuss business with him. Link also maintains that Thomas “Do you think I give a f— about your money!!”

The D.A. in the case reviewed the tape and disagreed that the tape was altered in any way and dismissed Link’s criminal case.

However, Link is still moving forward with his lawsuit and is demanding that Bailey and Thomas pay him $225K in damages, which include an alleged concussion.

Well, we’re sure Bailey isn’t happy about this and we doubt it’s making the couple’s separation any easier.

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