Teenage girl jailed for killing man who pistol-whipped her mother

Photo: Pawnee County Jail

Makayla Brown, 14, was highly upset with the man who dated her mother. After several instances of abuse, Brown decided to take matters into her own hands.

According to KFOR in Ripley, Oklahoma, Brown’s mother was dating Mario Smith, 45, and she witnessed moments of abuse. In April, Smith beat Brown’s mother and pistol-whipped her in the head. Several weeks later, Brown decided to seek revenge. The incident occurred during a gathering at Smith’s home. While Smith was in the kitchen, Brown walked up to Smith and shot him in the head. Two days later, authorities found Smith lying in a pool of blood with shell casings next to his body.

Smith was a career criminal who had been charged with 14 felonies. Some of his cases included assault and battery, carrying an illegal firearm, theft, racketeering, and possession of meth and marijuana.

The incident reveals why it’s important for parents to do extensive background checks before allowing their significant other to be around their kids. Smith had a history of abuse and Brown’s mother should have paid attention to the warning signs. Furthermore, Smith should have been in jail for the pistol-whipping incident. There should have also been a restraining order held against Smith following the abuse.

It reveals how the justice system continues to fail teens who often feel hopeless when in the midst of adults who abuse. Brown didn’t trust that authorities would keep Smith away from her mother. As a result, she committed a crime out of desperation that could derail her future forever.

Brown has since been charged with first degree murder for shooting Smith in the head.

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