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Lee Daniels speaks out against Hollywood racism

Photo Credit: Lee Daniels' Instagram (@theoriginalbigdaddy)

Photo Credit: Lee Daniels’ Instagram (@theoriginalbigdaddy)

It’s undeniable that Lee Daniels’ skills as a writer and producer have made him a notable success story in Hollywood, but one of the things that has made him a superstar amongst the public is his fearlessness while speaking his mind, whether right or wrong, for the world to see. And recently Daniels did just that as he opened up about racism in Hollywood and criticized the idea that Black people are treated equally.

It all started yesterday on Daniels’ Instagram page where he posted a video of himself sitting on his couch with sunglasses on, as he vented about racism in Hollywood.

“Hollywood has tendency to think that African-American directors and writers are lucky to just be working and that we should just take any scrap that’s given to us and make gold from it. No, we’re artists, just like the white artists. I’ll probably get a lot of flack from this … ” Daniels said. “Change is a coming I hope!”

This isn’t the first time that Daniels has spoken on how tough it is in the industry to get jobs for Black writers and actors, as well as how difficult it is for him to try and watch white writers write about the Black experience.

“I don’t know what gives me more pleasure: watching my story unfold or going in and watching a room full of black people talking for me and writing words for black people,” Daniels said. “I hate white people writing for black people; it’s so offensive. So we go out and look specifically for African-American voices. Yes, it’s all about reverse racism!”

Something tells us this won’t be the last time that Daniels speaks out about Hollywood’s racism and diversity issue. What do you think of Daniels’ thoughts? Let us know in the comments.


  1. britishrose on May 5, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    lee daniel has a double battle being gay and black he is double dipped in hate , i think he is right its time for someone to stand for whats right hollywood was real racist back in the rockhudson days only black the respected was sidney poteira and sammy davis jr for real and the others had to kiss butt for one black role only daniel is coming of age the new generation aint taking no backseat to old sterio type racism its dont make since … its petty for whites to continue to believe they are sometime of superior group there are no superiors we all built america too shere it is we all were born here on american sole and we need to have the same opportunities . tyler perry did something lee didnt .. perry built his own hollywood , and you dont see no paparrazzi down in atlanta harrassing black stars and their families … they didnt even bother whitney houston . paparazzi following you is not hollywood that greedy people wanting work .. hollywood is the academy institutue and the award committe mostly whites pulling strings on who get what after while the academy for blacks will start up and black will be awarded like the BET awards an still be proud they cant keep doing the same thing to people and expecting different results

  2. sugarntasty on October 20, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    Another moment with “drama Queen” Mr or Ms.Daniels, your opinion irate with actors guild a thrill for financial wing of Hollywood! If you could or would Lee, plea to empower movies LGBTQ not erotic nor,victimizing stories forgotten attention of Mr.Lee! Decrying discrimination you circumvented the odds, no doubt where the merit of comment Lee? Gotten acclaimed direct French,Latin,Italian,Dutch,Polish and German drama making profits commercials Europe. Saying racims oppose “African LGBTQ” migrating renouncing citizenship due “oppression of equality” Philadelphia city of what? Mistrust oooh brotherly love yeah,myth persist you never resist lies egoism of Mr.Lee Hollywood is what? DGA whom top influence yeah, Lee mister immaculate Paris Barcley whom a “Blu male reminds of your allure for properties. Both gotten acclaim not of heritage just individualism and talent,Lee shall “Hip hop” co-dependency support. Your future blockbuster” contradiction on your behalf,saying Black why majority men. You dated where affluent non-heritage spot drama Ms.Daniels! Caught upon displaying “expected reaction to deter actual intent, of independence Lee style. Renowned speaking in generalizations fully aware and care about bigotry ask Ellen whom using gender status. Refuse discuss homophobic attitudes…closet LGBTQ decision makers of Hollywood. Since your member of majority non-African nor Black movie guilds,why now say racism! Hiding your intentions speak wealth ability to gain entrance find harsh upon aspiring Blacks is this racist? Paris Barcley,Gabe Kahsay and Darrell L.Hope of DGE enjoying publicity also wealth excuse us Lee you haven’t donated to LGBTG cause plenty. Since looking home 3 in “NYC” typical correct “GAYNESS” Rollingout..FERA,ARRF,UvR,ADA,SRF (France),AGDOK,BVR,ANAC,SFP,NFF,TROMB and FIPRESCI associations. Lee pursuit to obtain
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  3. sugarntasty on October 20, 2016 at 10:46 pm

    Furthermore Lee admire your “innovate script writing if so are behind scenes using guess workers?
    Anyhow your saying racism notice “European and Australian film festivals,critics financial backers
    looking at you. Envy yes the arts is condescending admit this Mr Drama…Indians,Nigerians and Ghanian whom shown. Displeasure towards “African American filmography Lee,you have excellent
    interpersonal skills enough admiration. Start paying staff appropriate wage okay,still using race it’s disgrace not films or personnel. Independence of “menace” Hollywood monopolies whom buying into, not EU nor Australia. Transpacific regions whom can’t think out the creative box my opinion, never fully comprehend the diversity of expression. Paris Barclay and Lee prominent men Hollywood” not color talent connections why not empower “LGBTQ” society when or win? Lee popular in following film festivals gotten attention “Napoli,Stuttgarter,Brussels,Hamburg,Tornio,Stockholm,London,Edinburgh and Manchester. Black international films from U.K,African states,Afro/Latin,Afro/French and African American where solidarity of associations due to color Lee. Black film festivals of Berlin,Warsaw and London where respect envy disparage forgotten color blame which insane. Lee suggestions for LGBT society since able to purchase best homes why majority face evictions. Lee direct drama of Queens! Forget historical segregation if don’t Asian science fiction going dominate productions soon! Lee preview shows current events those interest color chairs only in movie house! Lee are fighting battle of identity highly unlikely,seek to control “Empire” production company as majors. Why cooperate eventually going take entire task, for major share holders!