Kim Kardashian opens up about broken friendship with Blac Chyna

Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian's Instagram (@kimkardashian)
Photo Credit: Instagram – @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna were once really close friends and were often seen hanging out together with the rest of the Kardashian family. But all that changed two years ago when Chyna’s ex, Tyga, began dating Kylie Jenner and Kim stopped being friends with Chyna. Since then, the world has been focused on the infamous feud between Chyna and Tyga and Kylie while Kim has stayed silent about her old friendship. But now Kim is finally opening up about explaining her side of the story in the broken friendship.

As fans know, the feud between Chyna and Kylie began when Tyga moved on to Kylie, who was underage at the time, after he and Chyna broke off their engagement after having a child together. Understandably, Chyna was furious and heartbroken and she and Kylie began a high-profile feud that lasted two years and saw many of the Kardashian women jumping in to Kylie’s defense against Chyna.

Although Chyna and the Kardashians spent more than a year apart, the two opposing sides had no choice but to come together again this year when Rob Kardashian began dating Chyna and eventually proposed to her and got her pregnant.

Photo credit: (@blacchyna) via Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram – @blacchyna

In an upcoming episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kim reveals to her sisters, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, that Rob has been working to patch things up with her and Chyna. Kim shares that Rob surprised her during a phone call by trying to put Chyna on the phone with Kim. Although Chyna was open to it, Kim says she hung up on Chyna out of shock.

“I understand that Kylie dating Tyga completely broke Chyna’s heart. I feel for her in that situation,” Kim tells the cameras. “Was it uncomfortable for me when Kylie and Tyga started to date? Absolutely, because Chyna was my friend.”

However, Kim admits that she chose her sister’s side in the matter, despite her feelings about Chyna.

“But I had no choice but to take my sister’s side,” Kardashian says. “That’s my sister.”

Kim explains to her sisters that she simply wasn’t ready to open that can of worms with Chyna.

“I just wasn’t ready, you know, and I’m not gonna be forced to be on the phone with her. I’ll talk to her when I am ready,” Kim explained. “Do I think that everyone needs to sit down and talk? Absolutely.”

Well, things are quite different now than they were when this drama first started. Chyna is happily in love with Rob and Tyga and Kylie recently broke up over their careers. Both Kylie and Chyna also revealed to the world recently that they’ve made up with each other, as well.

We’re interested to see how Chyna integrates into the family when she weds Rob and to see if she and Kim can be good friends again.

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