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Find out why Tasha Smith thinks her annulment was a miracle

Photo Credit: Instagram - @tasha4realsmith

Photo Credit: Instagram – @tasha4realsmith

Tasha Smith’s life was turned upside down in one of the most shocking ways last year when she discovered that her former husband, Keith Douglas, had been hiding a secret past life from her. Although Smith was able to annul her marriage, most people would assume that she’d be heartbroken and scarred over the matter. However, Smith recently spoke out about her annulment and explained why it was a miracle.

As previously reported, a divorce battle between Douglas and Smith resulted in Smith learning and revealing that Douglas had lied to her about his job, financial history, being married five times previously, and still being married to two of those women at the time he proposed to her. Douglas filed a restraining order against her and she was ordered to pay him a hefty amount in spousal support. However, Smith contested the divorce and after a legal battle, she was able to annul her marriage to Douglas and make a clean break from her ex.

Now, nearly half a year since the annulment, Smith recently opened up about the split in a new interview and explained that she’s happy with how things turned out with Douglas.

“I have had the best life and experiences, ever. And honestly, the annulment which I constantly celebrated because it pretty much a miracle when you think about it,” Smith said.

She continued, “Like after a three year fraudulent marriage to be able to get it annulled is amazing and it was the best experience ever because you know I just learned so much and I’m free and really I’ve only been married one time (laughs).”

Smith then explained that she’s learned to do her homework when it comes to meeting new suitors.

“You can’t believe everything that everyone says and I actually didn’t think that I was that famous to where it’s though somebody would look at me as a mark to be able to try to set me up and con me. I was just oblivious to the reality to how desperate people are and now it’s all about a background check, honey,” Smith said.

Smith then explained that her experience is proof that all women need to be diligent in discovering as much information about the men they’re dating before they decide to marry them.

“And I just think that us as a career women we’ve got to protect ourselves. And when men come to us that we don’t know and we don’t know their families, I think it’s important for us to do a serious background check so we can know who we’re dealing with,” Smith said.

The “Empire” actress then explained that she is dating again.

“I am not looking to be settled down right now. I’m just having a good time,” Smith said.

Well, we’re glad that Smith wasn’t broken by her split and we’re happy that she’s enjoying her life.