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Tammy Rivera shares more details about split from Waka Flocka

Tammy Rivera & Waka Flocka - 2nd Insta Cover
Photo credit: Instagram – @charliesangelll

Tammy Rivera gave “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” fans some surprising news earlier this week when she hinted that she and her famous husband, Waka Flocka, had decided to split. Initially, no information was given about why the couple split and rumors were running rampant about why their marriage was ending. But Rivera recently spoke up and shared more details about why she and Waka are separating.

As previously reported, Rivera first announced the split with a simple Instagram post about breakups.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @charliesangelll
Photo credit: Instagram – @charliesangelll

As fans began to comment on the post about the split, Rivera decided to address a few of the fans and even told one of them that she had no intentions of blasting her estranged husband even though their marriage was on the rocks.

“And I’ll still clap on a b—- over him.. Love is never lost or my loyalty as a friend! TF y’all think I ain’t one of these girls that’s goign to bash or disrespect him or let anyone else do so. … We share too much love and respect for that!” Rivera wrote.

However, her comments flew under the radar as fans began to speculate that cheating was the reason that the couple was splitting up.

It’s not hard to understand why fans assumed that infidelity was the root cause for the breakup considering that Rivera and Waka were previously plagued by cheating rumors during their marriage, especially last year when a photo surfaced on Pornhub of Waka allegedly receiving oral sex from an unidentified woman.

However, yesterday, Rivera decided it was time to finally address all of the rumors and she decided to share a now-deleted Instagram post in which she confirmed that she and Waka are indeed separated now. She also denied the many rumors that she and Waka have split because of other women.

“Y’all listen and please listen clear! I will not speak on this situation again. … Me and Waka separation had nothing to do with ANYONE! Waka did not leave me for ANYONE lol,” Rivera wrote. “We made a mutual decision that we needed to separate, Sometime ppl use other people’s lives to prey off and get attention, I guess for IG likes or followers. It’s very sad but it’s the truth and the world we live in… Waka is a Great man and father to my child, we all make mistakes and learn from them. BUT PLEASE don’t listen to these attention seekers. Just pray for them!! Y’all have a blessed day!!”

Rivera also addressed the split in a series of Snapchat videos and made it a point to let all potential suitors know that she is not looking to replace Waka anytime soon.

“See, what ya’ll h*s fail to realize is even if it’s not me, it’s still not gonna be you, boo,” Rivera said in one of the videos. “And let me say this. Just cause I’m not with Waka don’t mean y’all n—– can start sliding all up in my DM. They are overflowing. I don’t get down like that. I like my time to myself, okay? And y’all please stop believing these h*s on these f—– blog sites looking for a storyline to come up [with]. ‘Oh, they breaking up. Let me pretend I’m a side b—-. Let me act like I’m the b—- he was talking [to].'”

Well, it’s commendable that Rivera is trying to keep her split from Waka as drama-free as possible. And to keep things that way, we agree with her earlier statement that she should stop talking about the split from now on.

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