Chicago man shot by cops 7 times arrested after filing lawsuit


Back on July 4, 2014, Dominiq Greer, 26, escaped death at the hands of the Chicago Police. Greer ran from police into an alley and tossed a gun before attempting to jump a fence. During the chase, he stumbled and within seconds police opened fire, shooting him seven times. He was shot in his right arm, right leg and foot, and when Greer got back up, he was he was shot four more times in his right arm, left arm, and chest and back according to his lawyer. At this time, it appears that police had no probable cause to arrest Greer, who ran because he had an illegal handgun. On Wednesday, Greer and his attorney Eugene Hollander filed a $15 million lawsuit against the city for police use of excessive force. According to Hollander, “As a result of his injuries, my client, who is a father to a 5-year-old boy, will have permanent and lifelong injuries. He cannot pick up and hold his son.”

During the lengthy press conference, Greer stated to media, “The police can do whatever they want to do. When they kill somebody, they right back out on the streets doing whatever they do. If the next black man kill a black man, they got to go serve time.”

But as Greer left his lawyer’s office, he was shocked when he was arrested by Chicago Police on a murder warrant. According to police, Greer is the prime suspect in the death of Kevin Larry, 22, of Chicago on May 27, 2016. According to witnesses who lived in an abandoned house, an illegal dice game was in progress when Larry was shot in the chest. A judge issued an arrest warrant for Greer on May 29, 2016, for the shooting, however, police have indicated that the investigation was ongoing and his arrest had nothing to do with the lawsuit.

Greer has an extensive criminal record that includes illegal weapons charges, domestic violence, marijuana possession and bail violations. He also has served time in prison on some of these charges.

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