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Racist Chicago police officer not fired after calling President Obama N-word

photo: A.R. Shaw

During a visit to his hometown of Chicago in the fall of 2015, President Barack Obama was subjected to racism by an individual who is paid to protect and serve. According to an investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority, the incident occurred during a meeting where Chicago police officers were planning security for President Obama.

During the meeting, one racist police officer referred to President Obama as the N-word. At least 12 officers were in the room after the racial slur was said. One officer stepped forward and sent a complaint to the IPRA. However, when the IPRA review board interviewed the officers, 10 out of the 12 officers said that they didn’t hear the N-word being used.

However, the officer who used the N-word, and the officer who filed the complaint, both said the other officers heard the racial slur being used. The incident serves as another example of how police create an atmosphere where illegal activity is allowed to exist.

Over the past year, Chicago Police Department has faced criticism over how citizens are abused by the force. After footage of the Laquan McDonald murder was released, the nation got an opportunity to view the corruption that exists within the CPD.

The task force created by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel found that people of color are continuously harassed by the CPD. Moreover, the U.S. Justice Department continues to investigate the department. Along with the accusations of police misconduct and gun violence, the Chicago police also created a makeshift jail where they illegally detained individuals without providing them with proper representation.

But while the CPD is being watched closely, the officer who used the N-word has yet to be fired or reprimanded for his actions.

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