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Warren Galloway Jr. raises future entrepreneurs, talks Father’s Day lessons

Warren S. Galloway Jr., father of four, teaches his children to follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps (Photo courtesy of Warren S. Galloway Jr.)

Entrepreneur Warren S. Galloway is raising his children to follow in his footsteps in becoming entrepreneurs. Galloway has four children, three girls and one boy, and they all have started their own businesses, from a bow tie company formed by his son, to a candy business developed by his youngest daughter. Entrepreneurship comes easy for his children because Galloway is an excellent example of one. He wears many hats, including the best one of them all: father. He’s the owner of Warren Galloway & Associates LLC and HR Talent Group. He’s also an adjunct business professor at Baker College of Clinton Township, a project manager for SWOT City Program at TechTown Detroit, a business Coach and a published author of the book 10 Easy Steps to Starting a Business: A must-have resource book for all future entrepreneurs, Michigan Edition. For more information on Galloway’s book, please visit

Rolling out recently sat down with the entrepreneur to discuss what fatherhood means to him. One of the most important things about being a father to Galloway is ”Knowing that my children have a father in the house who is loving, caring and respectful,” he explained. He went on to say that if he could tell his children why he loved being their father, he would tell them that “I love being your father because you give me purpose in life by allowing me to teach you how to love and care for others and provide you the tools to become self-sufficient as adults.”

Check out the rest of his interview below.

What lessons do you teach your children about entrepreneurship?

I am teaching my children to follow in me and my wife’s footsteps by becoming entrepreneurs. Here are the businesses my four children have: Bow ties, babysitting, lawn care, author, artist, and candy business.

How do you coach or guide your children to prepare them for life?

Well, providing them each one-on-one time to discuss what they have so far encountered in life and what to anticipate, and how to make smart decisions based on what we have teach them about life.

How do you inspire your children to maintain focus in order to win?

Showing them how to stay focused, by using my life as an example and explaining in detail how my success has been the result of me staying focused on my goals.

I teach them to do the best that they can at the time and if success does not immediately follow, just know there was nothing else they could have done. Rather than having regrets because they did not give their all.

How do you encourage your children when they face adversity?

To immediately address any issues concerning their adversity and know that by not avoiding it, they can navigate and turn this adversity into an accomplishment.

What are your prayers for your children?

That they accept what we have taught them to prepare for the real world and know that we would not lead them wrong, and make smart decisions in life.

What advice would you give young fathers who are raising girls?

Dos: Openly show love to your daughters; teach them to be self-sufficient; show them what is chivalry; let them see through you as to what to expect out of a real man; have fun and create special moments with them.

Don’ts: Don’t be disrespectful; don’t be an absentee father; don’t be closed to listening to their opinions.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve received from raising your son?

My son has given me unconditional love and acceptance in following my lead as a father and knowing that I would not lead him wrong!

What’s your absolute favorite thing about being a father? 

Being able to teach my children how to be loving, caring, respectful and future leaders in this country.

Do you have any Father’s Day traditions? How do you plan on spending Father’s Day this year? No particular tradition, unless spending time with my immediate family is one. This year, I’m spending quiet time with my beautiful wife Tresa and my children. A nice backyard barbecue would be perfectly fine with me!

The Galloway Clan, enjoying family portraits (Photo courtesy of Warren S. Galloway Jr.)

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