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Onyx from Global 14 The Cut caught up with Jesse Williams backstage after the 2016 BET Awards in the media room. Here, he goes into depth about current projects and the importance of speaking up for change, progression and economic improvement.




Jesse Williams backstage after fiery BET Awards speech talks economics

Rolling Out

Rolling Out

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  1. Jason on July 5, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    Support this brother! Let Ms Shonda know that if she gives in to the pressure to fire him that the Black community WILL NOT support her other projects. Lets all imagine the stress Jesse is putting not only himself but his family through by standing up for his people. Look at the other “famous” people (even more famous than he is) that won’t say a mumbling word (shoutout to Dr. West) when a child is harmed by race soldiers posing as cops.

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