Stevie J takes legal action against Joseline Hernandez

Photo Credit: Stevie J's Instagram (@hitmansteviej_1)
Photo Credit: Instagram – @hitmansteviej_1

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were never the most stable of reality show couples, and the pair often broke up and got back together without warning. Well, now it looks like the couple really has split for good because they’ve been trading vicious jabs about each other online and in interviews and now reports have revealed that Stevie recently decided to file a restraining order against Hernandez.

According to media reports, the drama all began earlier this month when Hernandez posted a story on her Twitter page, alleging that Stevie has been molesting his 6-year-old daughter, Eva, who he shares with fellow “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust. Faust’s own niece, Lena James, also posted about the alleged molestation on her Instagram page and corroborated Hernandez’s claims that Stevie had been sexually abusing his daughter.

However, some believe that James was lying because sources close to Faust say that she was retaliating against Faust and Stevie because she was recently fired.

Since the allegations first hit the web, Stevie has remained silent on the matter. But this week, Stevie finally broke his silence in a major way as news reports revealed that he filed for and was granted a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend.

According to the legal documents, Stevie allegedly claims that Hernandez is jealous and volatile and that she’s filled with “an evil sense of revenge” ever since they split up earlier this year, during which time Stevie claimed that he and Hernandez never were legally married.

According to reports, Hernandez must now stay at least 200 yards away from Stevie at all times. However, she is allowed to come to Stevie’s house with a police escort if she wants to collect her belongings and completely move out of the home.

Well, this is one seriously messy breakup and we don’t expect it to get any better any time soon.

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