DJ Romeo keeps crowds moving with hits breaking around the world

Photo courtesy of DJ Romeo
Photo courtesy of DJ Romeo

Meet Romeo LaShawn aka Romeo International.

Please describe your style of DJing.
I’m a turntablist. I believe in the true art form of scratching and mixing.

What is the missing element you feel your style of play brings to your audience that they can’t get anywhere else?
My emotion. The emotion I put into every song selection is based on where I want to take the crowd and what I want them to feel at that particular moment.

What three skill sets do you feel are critical for any professional DJ?
Timing, blending and song selection.

What do you feel was your first big break in the DJ field?
I was at a collegiate concert and the DJ was late. Someone asked the crowd, “Who is the best DJ at your school?” and people started screaming my name. After that, it was a wrap.

How do you incorporate new technology in your sets?
Sound changes everyday. So with having Serto, I try to incorporate new ways to reach people or something that will catch their attention, but not sway the music.

Finish the sentences:
Practice/research is important because …
There’s always something that you don’t know or a move you haven’t tried. I put in an hour a day of practice.

The best way to move a crowd is …
Become the crowd. Become the person that’s in the crowd and ask yourself what song would make me turn up right now.

That odd track that I throw on to catch the crowd off guard is …
“Candy” by Cameo.

What social media platforms do you use to engage your audience the most?
Periscope. I like to showcase for those who can’t be there.

What are your residencies/signature events?
In Atlanta: Suite Lounge, Opera Night Club, Shooters Alley Midtown.

Do you play festivals?
Yes. I am getting ready for the AT&T Cricket Wireless College Tour.

If you had to give advice to a new DJ, what would the three most important things be?
Watch your crowd, bring extra RCA cords and always DJ for the people.

Name two favorite destination gigs and places to recharge. 
I love traveling overseas because they love music.

What are two of your favorite albums to listen to when you’re not in the booth?
Anything by Jay-Z and Timbaland.

Name three DJs who have inspired you.
Frank Ski, DJ Nabs and DJ Baby Yu.

Favorite sports team and hobbies
Lakers, Falcons, and I like soccer-go figure.

Name a track that gets you motivated.
JayZ’s “Picasso”

And this is not a track but my family truly motivates me, with every cheer, good job, text, email, call just to make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

Follow Romeo on social media: Twitter/Instagram @romeoatlsfinest

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