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Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin weigh in on Black Lives Matter movement in LA

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Recently, Black Hollywood converged in front of the Los Angeles city hall to voice their concern and protest for the Black Lives Matter movement. Among the protesters were Hollywood actress Meagan Good and her husband, DeVon Franklin. Rolling out was on the scene and talked to Good and her husband about their thoughts. Good spoke candidly about changing the narrative and ensuring the truth is being told. Read what else she had to say below.

Meagan Good: For us, one of the biggest things, other than obviously the issue at hand is that the narrative is becoming all this division and all this divisiveness and all this one race against another and everybody hates police, or police hate Black people — the bottom line is that we all need to come together because people are continuing to die. We need to address the issue, the root of the issue, the one that’s been going on for a while. Because if we address the root of the issue, then it will not continue to escalate and get the way that it’s continuing to get.

We love everybody. We love all of our sisters and brothers, no matter what color, no matter what nationality. My father was LAPD for 26 years. At the end of the day, I think it’s about the people who are innocently getting killed, who haven’t done anything, who don’t  deserve this and stop putting everybody in one category and let’s deal with the real issue. And the real issue is that we need to get to the root of the problem and stop this from happening. So, whatever we need to do, for one we’re out here just supporting. We just wanted to, not make our voices heard, but make our presence known so that they know that we’re supporting the movement, so that they know that we want to see change, so that we can bring more attention to it, we can bring more conversations to it so that we can get the word out. Also, about the narrative being changed, and making sure that the truth is being told, not what the media and all these different outlets are trying to do to pit everybody against each other, which is absolutely disgusting because it’s making things way worse. And it’s really just about doing whatever we can. We’ve been meeting with different people from all different organizations and even talking with the White House, even talking with Colors of Change, talking with Mayor Asia Brown, whoever you can think of about what do we need to do, how do we be effective, how we can get in on the ground work, what can we do behind closed doors and not even talk about publicly. We just need to make moves, period.

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