10 Black celebrities who have written amazing children’s books

Publisher and author Munson Steed with his goddaughter Skye Johnson – the inspiration behind the Little Professor Skye children’s book series Photo Courtesy: Steed Media

Some celebrities have hidden talents that they discovered after becoming famous, while others have always been aware of their talents. The list of celebrities below decided to explore their writing talents and took their “entertainment” to another level as they put pen to paper to write children’s books.

Being a writer is no easy feat. It takes hours of dedication and commitment, hard work, tenacity and follow-through. So, it may come easy to celebrities as they know all too well what it takes to succeed.

Rolling out has comprised a list of 10 Black celebrities who have written outstanding children’s books. Take a look at the list below, you may be surprised at some of them. Some celebrities have written loosely about themselves, while others have written stories that are so “out of the box” for their character that one wouldn’t believe it. At the end of the day, all of the celebrity authors have written stories that are enjoyable, meaningful and fun for everyone in the family.

Take a look at the list of children’s books written by Black celebrities after the cut.

Porsha Monique
Porsha Monique

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