National buzz for Houston’s ‘Co-Parenting With The Spurlings’ reality show

Photo credit: Facebook - @Coparentingwiththespurlings
Photo credit: Facebook – @Coparentingwiththespurlings

Social media is buzzing about a provocative new reality series, “Co-Parenting With The Spurlings.” The show tackles issues arising from divorce while demonstrating family values, morals and life lessons. Viewers will get a front-row seat to view the personal struggles of a former couple working together to raise two boys.

The show features Dennis Spurling, a personal injury attorney with a burgeoning practice, and Stephanie Spurling, an educator and community activist.

“Dennis and Stephanie are the perfect on-screen duo to deliver their real opinions about family, relationship, and ho- button social topics that will entertain as well as invite viewers to become involved with their journey,” said executive producer Alexis Robbie of Esquire Entertainment.

Filmed in Houston, the reportedly smart, funny, and sometimes emotional series shines a light on life in a split household.

“What we’re trying to do is to create some understanding between people of how you can get along and resolve the conflicts that exist, and get around the conflicts, or manage the conflicts so that the children can grow up in a peaceful, happy existence,” said Dennis. “I think the viewers will laugh with us and they will cry with us. It will be an experience for them, and they will empathize. This is our real life feeling … there is no acting … this is our real life.”

On the potential for the show to have a positive effect on viewers, both parents seem to be in agreement.

“Even though we are not in the same home, viewers are going to see collaborative decision making from my perspective, and as well from Dennis’ perspective,” said Stephanie, “I would be lying to you if I told you it was easy. It goes well beyond me feeling uncomfortable at times, but what gives me comfort, is helping others.”

The couple relies on communication and respect as two pillars keeping their relationship strong, even after divorce.

“There can be no relationship unless you have mutual respect. If you don’t have mutual respect, then people will always step on other people’s toes,” Dennis warns.

Stephanie’s advises others to communicate and “let go of the anger of the relationship, and focus on how to empower and build strong kids and a strong family structure beyond what was personally going on in the relationship.”

Dennis Spurling and Alexis Robbie are the executive producers with Alexis Robbie spearheading the production as the showrunner. Written and directed by Oscar Carrillo, producers include Sir Black, Niah O’Neil, Kym Brown and Laura Crisp.

The show will showcase Houston, the fourth largest city in America, and the city’s local talent. Some are wild with anticipation for reality programming showing Black people in a positive light. Several have requested their local CW channel to broadcast the show, and are encouraging others to do the same. “Co-Parenting With The Spurlings”premieres Sept.18 on CW channel 39 in Houston.

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