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Did Brandy shade Monica?

Photo Credit: Brandy's Instagram (@4everbrandy)
Photo Credit: Instagram – @4everbrandy

Brandy and Monica have one of the most scandal-filled relationships in pop and R&B history with their former beef having followed them from its peak in their teenage years nearly 20 years ago all the way to their current lives as adults. And although many assumed that the women had buried the hatchet when they finally reunited for their second duet, “It All Belongs To Me,” it now seems that the two women are still at odds because reports claim that Brandy recently threw shade at Monica’s popular “So Gone” challenge

As fans know, fans and artists alike have recently been posting videos of themselves freestyling and singing over the beat to Monica’s 20003 hit “So Gone,” which was produced by Missy Elliott. Well, this weekend Brandy made a post on Instagram that had people suspecting that she might be throwing shade at Monica.

Brandy - Monica Shade 1
Photo Credit: Instagram – @4everbrandy

She captioned the photo with the hashtag #BeenGone

Brandy then posted a video of a fan rapping over her “I Wanna Be Down” beat and hashtagged it with “IWannaBeDownChallenge.” A fan then asked Brandy in the comments “can you please do the Monica challenge?”

Well, Brandy wasn’t happy about the question and she reportedly wrote back, “chile bye.”

When fans began to respond to Brandy’s shade, Brandy clapped back and gave a lengthy response to one fan in particular.

“Oh my darling, I haven’t read anyone in quite a while, it may be time… But I’m gonna let this one slide because your fave is having a moment. Moments are awesome!!!! BUT it’s a NO for me on the #IwannabeDownChallenge as well as all the others… I’m still needing people to let #TheBoyIsMine be #SoGone … @itss_niakay just killed this… And lots of people kept tagging me about it.. Thought it was great!!!! I not now and never will want to be anybody but myself!!! I’ve heard people put bible behind vocal in reference to me… That’s really nice of whoever made that up #CodeBible,” Brandy responded.

Brandy then posted another dismissive meme about the drama and clapped back at yet another fan who questioned her about the #SoGoneChallenge issue.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @4everbrandy
Photo Credit: Instagram – @4everbrandy

“If I knocked on your door right now, we would have to revive you…keep standing cuz this clap alone will make you have a seat. Don’t need several…just one. #CodeCueTheChair” she captioned the meme.

Shortly after her clap backs, Brandy disabled the comments on her pictures. Well, this was quite the surprising situation but Brandy revealed earlier this year that she and Monica aren’t friends when she talked about their former beef in an interview.

“It was so long ago, I’m just in a different space. I don’t talk to Monica. We are on different paths,” Brandy said.

Well, Monica didn’t seem too fazed by the drama, but many believe she did post a subliminal response. Read what she had to say, after the cut.

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