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Brittany Noble Jones loves telling stories


Brittany Noble Jones Photo credit: WJTV

Brittany Noble Jones
Morning Anchor
WJTV This Morning

Arkansas State University Masters, M.A.
Alcorn State University, B.A.

Brittany Noble Jones is a news anchor for WJTV News Channel 12 in Jackson, Mississippi. While Jones is a broadcast journalist, she acknowledges that the internet is changing reporting. “Right now I work for broadcast, but I am constantly using the web to connect to viewers. I can see myself leaving TV to focus on sharing stories on the internet,” she says.

Social media has also changed the way she researches and investigates stories. “Social media was a big help for me during the first days of the Mike Brown shooting. He was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer. Once I found out about the case, I let my followers know I was headed to the scene. This was a great way to get to know the people in the community and the questions they had about the case,” Jones says.

“I love talking to people and telling stories. I love to be the first one to know information to share with family and friends,” she says. At the same time, she recognizes how much more there is to her life. “I now have two social media accounts. I’m learning how to separate my personal life as a wife and mother from my work life. On @noblejonesontv you’ll see my husband on my profile picture. There is so much more of me besides the anchor on TV. .. .I’d like to see more Black couples on-air and online for people to see and strive for.”

The Path

“I interned at KSDK in my hometown, St.Louis, for free. I worked 40 plus hours a week, including Saturdays and Sundays. On my off days, I picked up shifts as a server at Applebee’s. I made just enough money to pay for parking and lunch for the week.”

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