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Jesse Williams has a message for those who say they are not voting

Photo credit: Twitter - @iJesseWilliams

Photo credit: Twitter – @iJesseWilliams

“All power to the people,” as the Black Panther Party would say, and Jesse Williams seems to be putting emphasis on the “All.” Williams is again using his influence to help bring power into the people’s hands, particularly those people who are thinking about disenfranchising themselves. In a PSA for super PAC Save the Day, the actor stresses the importance of Americans utilizing the power of their vote and getting others to do the same. He calls out cynics who believe their vote doesn’t count or who are considering not voting because they don’t like either presidential candidate.

“If someone says, ‘Democracy is a sham, those people don’t speak for me…the system’s rigged,’ you say, ‘Vote,'” Williams says in the video. “Someone says, ‘Well it doesn’t make a difference. This state is red, that state is blue. This thing’s already a lock. You say, ‘Vote.’ Someone says, ‘Hey, I’m making a statement by not voting,’ and then you say, ‘Well I can’t hear it.’”

Williams informs viewers that democratic participation goes far beyond which candidate may win the presidential race.

“Democracy is not a sham,” he says. “It’s a job. It’s our job. And it took goddamn long to get it to just let it slide.”

He points out how those who aren’t registered to vote can’t sit on a jury, choose their mayor, city council, district attorney or decide what local measures are passed.

“This government was designed to be changed,” he continues. “You can either make that change or you can take what little they give you.”

He closes with a reality-check on how there are still people to this day trying to undo the tireless work it took to get many Americans their civil liberties. Williams also reminded viewers to think local when making decisions about voting.

“This is not about the White House,” Williams says. “This is about your house.”


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  2. Smarter Dias on October 12, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    He makes a good point. Vote for who you want and who you think will do the better job and who aligns with your values. Whether you vote republic, democrat or independent, when you vote you are saying `This is my opnion` If you don`t vote you really have no complaint when the government sticks it to you without remorse or accountability