Mindfulness and money: 5 ways meditation can help you make more money

meditation and mindfulness
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In part 1, we found out how V. Taybron has been able to increase her business through meditation. In part two of the Mindfulness and Money series, we’re examining the relationship between mindfulness and money. Check out these practical tips that you can use to make more money in your business.

Share 3-5 simple strategies for how mindfulness can be used to manifest money and an increase in business.

Money, mindfulness, and business are a few of my favorite things. To manifest money and increase in business we have to do a few things:

1. Stop telling yourself money is evil. Growing up, I always heard that money was evil. If a person is evil then trust me, they are just evil whether they are broke as a joke or rich as Tyler Perry. When you tell yourself that money is evil, that gets picked up in your subconscious mind and you keep wealth away from you. As soon as you get a little money in your pocket, you find a way to spend it on clothes, dinner, and events. The concept that it is evil is so far buried in your mind that you can’t keep a dollar to your name, so stop that. Reprogram your mind and your relationship with money. You can do this through meditation.

2. Money is a tool and that’s all it is. A lot of rappers talk about “flipping money.” How you flip money is important, so be mindful of it. Every time I get money, I try to figure out how to maximize it by simply using it as a tool. For example, if you buy a case of water bottles that come 24 bottles to a pack for $4 and you turn around and sell each bottle for $1, then you just made $20. Maximize your money; don’t just let it leave out. When it leaves out, make sure it’s a tool that’s working for you that will bring more money back.

Be mindful that money is energy. Everything is energy. If it causes a reaction, it is energy. Even “dead” things have energy when put under a microscope. Money holds energy as well and energy flows where attention goes. Do you want money? Then pay attention to it and have respect for it. Know how much you have in your wallet and your account. If you start paying attention to your money from a place of optimism, then more will flow your way. This might come in the form of a check, increase in customer sales, speaking opportunities, and more. Money comes to those who are interested in it and handle it well.

3. Give before you get. If you aren’t willing to give anything, then don’t expect to get anything. We all have something to give. If you can’t give money, then you can give your time, knowledge, and attention but you must give if you expect to ever receive anything on this side of heaven.

4. Know what you want and how much of it you want. In business many times people just aren’t mindful of what they want or how much of it. Everyone wants a million dollars right? That’s what everyone says but you have to be mindful enough to know what it takes to gain a million dollars in your particular industry. If you own a sandwich shop and want to make a million dollars in a year then you need to know the cost of materials, labor, and time to see how many sandwiches you need to make and sell in a year to hit a million dollars in sales. Concrete goals need to be set so we have to know what we want, how much it cost, and what we need to do to manifest it.

5. Share money within your circle and community. As a business owner, you should be shopping and spending your dollars with other others who will pour back into your business and community. When you spend your money who does it go to? Will it circle back around to you or will it completely leave your community altogether? That makes a difference. I shop with other business owners and I try my best to keep my money in my community for better circulation of my dollars. We must be mindful of this.

By improving your mindset related to money, you will see an increase in your money.  For more great meditation resources, check out VNiverseGalaxy.com

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