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Raleigh-based designer Rick Moore creates with beauty, power, soul and strength

Raleigh-based designer Rick Moore creates with beauty, power, soul and strength
Photo Courtesy Rick Moore

Rick Moore is an ambitious fashion designer who started from humble beginnings. Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, he founded Carolina Culture Clothing and the NYLA Elise brand, which is a grassroots clothing design company that prides itself on using local resources and manufacturers who use cotton grown in the state of North Carolina. Nyla Elise, which designs tees, tanks, hoodies, sweaters and more, is named after his daughter, Nyla Elise, and it represents the growth and everlasting love that he has for his daughter. Started out of his one-bedroom apartment, the company has now grown since its inception and is continuing to expand and grow every day. When asked about the true essence of Nyla Elise, Moore said, ” It’s more than a name; it’s a blossom from a seed planted hundreds of years ago. A blossom designed to grow into a being that represents beauty, power, soul and strength. A blossom destined to be great no matter what adversity she may encounter. Nyla Elise is History.”

Check out Moore’s story in rolling out’s exclusive interview with him below. He discusses his success journey, his humble beginnings and what it’s like to be a creative and a business exec at the same time.

When did you know you could be a creative and a business executive? 
Once I realized the immediate influence and effect I had on my peers without trying . During a school trip to the museum, I noticed other classmates were fascinated by the shiny rock collection, I thought about the fact that I have rocks in my backyard which I [then] took, shined and sold to kids at my school.  
Describe three highlights of your  journey. 
Making Black Enterprise magazine, meeting Kevin Hart at the height of his career and my current business partnership with Lenovo.
What inspires you? 
God, family, genuine love, authenticity, friends, struggle.
What motivates you to come up with big ideas? 
Being competitive and to always push myself to creative limits.
Name three people in your industry that you consider great. 
Ralph Lauren, Jonas Bevacqua, Kevin Plank, Daymond John, Johnny Cupcakes
How do you communicate your creative vision with people who hire you? 
Communicating through visuals.
How do you push your creative limits? 
By aiming to do things bigger and better than in the past, but never losing the connections with people in a positive, organic and uplifting way.
What are your two favorite films and what do you like about them? 
[One of them is] The Five Heart Beats. All five individuals came together for one common goal and got things done despite adversity and goons. Because of the spirit of adventure and they believed in themselves past their fears.
Name two books that you would recommend to others. Why those books? 
[The first one is] The Great Gatsby, because he became a wildly successful businessman that was previously poor. [The second one is] In Business by Rick Moore, because of the inspirational and business savvy tips.
Three favorite songs from your three favorite musicians? 
Maxwell:  Fortunate, A Woman’s Worth, Get to know you.
Tupac: Brenda’s Got a Baby, I Love LA, Picture Me Rolling
Drake: Weston Road Flows, The Ride, Look What You’ve Done
If you could collaborate with two creatives in any field, who would it be and why? 
Kevin Plank, [Founder, CEO and Chairman of ] Under Armour. I like the space he came from , starting out in his grandmother’s basement. Tyler Perry, [because] he’s a creative genius.
Finish the sentences:
Creativity begins … where your comfort zone ends
The response to my craft is … very humbling 
My legacy will be … the result of the work I am doing currently

Photos in gallery courtesy of Rick Moore

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