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Health care leaders come together for ‘Living the Dream’ dinner with chef Roble

Dr. Eddie Richardson and Dr. Jameelah Gater

Photo credit: Broadlight Media

The unexpected win of President-elect Donald Trump has left many wondering what the country will look like over the next four years. From immigration laws to world relations, no policy discussion has been left untouched. On Thursday, Nov. 11, Atlanta’s top leaders in medicine came together to discuss the future health care. Co-hosted by powerhouse husband and wife duo, Dr. Eddie Richardson Jr. and Dr. Jameelah Gater, guests indulged in the interactive “Living the Dream” private charity dinner with renowned chef, Roble Ali.

The special night took guests on a global culinary journey as Roble prepared a menu that highlighted ingredients with healing properties that benefit the body. From the use of arugula to curried salmon and greens, each course included a lesson on the use of each ingredient “It was so amazing to come together to enjoy such an outstanding dinner preparation,” said Dr. Gater. “From the curried salmon that benefits your brain and heart to basil that carries antioxidants, each selection served a healthy purpose.”

Chef Roble prepares dinner for "Living the Dream"

Photo credit: Broadlight Media

The evening encouraged open discussion on the future of medicine and how to better assist patients. We spoke with Dr. Gater on the importance of events like “Living the Dream:”

How do you think the future of medicine will evolve with the change in leadership?

There have been many advantages and disadvantages that the Affordable Care Act has played in our practices. At the dinner, we talked about other options we could provide for patients if it was discontinued. One increasingly popular alternative is the access to direct primary care. This model would allow patients to pay a monthly or quarterly fee that would give access to medical services. This makes health care more hands-on and  affordable and also cuts out the middleman for doctors.

How can leaders in medicine continue to make an impact through the upcoming years?

We must continue to have positive dialogue that addresses concerns in medicine. The national president of the American Academy of Family Physicians reached out to Donald Trump to hopefully jump-start this conversation. It is so important for physicians to come together to create unity and promote education.

Are there ways to educate the community and encourage them to get involved with this conversation?

In all, we have found that town hall meetings have been effective but more practices are embracing social media to connect to younger generations. For example, we used the hashtags #LivingTheDream and #GAFPDinner to include the community in the evening with chef Roble. There is definitely room for the field of medicine to grow in communication. Platforms like podcasts and live video will engage a new audience that will create visbility and trust.

How were you able to give back during the dinner?

As charity and mentorship have always been a passion of Dr. Richardson and I, proceeds were donated to The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance Charity. We believe that supporting mentorship in medicine at an early age will help lay the foundation for future diversity among doctors. My husband will further this mission by taking the role of president of Georgia Academy of Family Physicians this week. We are very excited to support the next generation of millennial doctors.

Chef Roble, Dr. Jameelah Gater and Dr. Eddie Richardson

Photo Credit: Broadlight Media

Dr. Gater proudly owns Rejuvenate Your Sexy Everything spa and wellness clinic. You can keep up with her on her website and social media at @jameelahgater.

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