Married Republican politician sexts teenage boy and later claims, ‘I’m not gay’

Photo: via Mike Yenni Facebook

A Republican politician sent sexually explicit text to a teenage boy, asked for a threesome, but claimed that he wasn’t gay.

According to Fox 8 in Kenner, Louisiana, GOP lawmaker and President of Jefferson Parish, Mike Yenni, became the focus of an investigation after a student at Brown University wrote an article that detailed how he was seduced by a politician. It was later discovered that Yenni was the politician.

Yenni, 40, met the teenage boy, 17, at a high school graduation dinner and the two soon began to contact each other on a regular basis. The two discussed sex acts and Yenni told him that he wanted to have a threesome with him and another teenager. He also told the teen that he would have sex with him and hire him as an assistant so that he would be near him at all times. Yenni bought the boy underwear and eventually met the teenage boy at a mall where the two allegedly kissed. But since the age of consent in Louisiana is 17, it was not illegal.

Once the details of the text messages were presented by the teenage boy, Yenni, who is married with a kid, admitted to the sexually suggestive texts. But he claims that he isn’t gay or a pedophile. In the article, the teenage boy described Yenni as “discreet” which is a term used to describe gay men who are undercover.

In the past, Yenni found himself in trouble after he used a BlackBerry funded by the city of Kenner to send sexually suggestive texts to several men and a woman.

Yenni isn’t the first politician to find himself in a sex scandal, but his sexual exploits go against the Republican party’s opposition against gay marriage.

Yenni, who has yet to step down from his position as Jefferson Parish President, is currently being investigated by the FBI.

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