Atlanta deejay Beestroh talks police violence and gun control

Beestroh (Photo Credit: Zach Wolfe)
Beestroh (Photo credit: Zach Wolfe)

Beestroh is one of the new radio personalities at Streetz 94.5 and a gun control advocate.

The deejay, who’s on during afternoon drives, was shot by the police about two years ago in a case of mistaken identity. He was almost killed and not surprisingly it took a toll on him physically, mentally and spiritually.

Today, he spends his time speaking to young Black males at colleges and community-based organizations about his experience, bringing awareness to today’s police violence issues and “how not to become a victim.”

Beestroh is preparing for a couple of huge events to celebrate his transition to Streetz and he’s launching a host of projects with celebrities and heavyweights in the entertainment industry.

Read what he has to say.

Thinking back to your almost fatal shooting in 2014, what impact has it had on you?
I’m reminded that anything can happen at any time. It definitely made me refocus on my purpose, my goals, and why I came to Atlanta.

What advice can you offer people who are going through a similar or worse experience with the police?
There is no advice I can give because right now… It’s plain as day that, to say that Black people in America are “equal” and have the same opportunities as everyone else, is a lie. And I won’t sit here and tell you anything different.

How has the transition been — leaving HOT 107.9 and going to Streetz 94.5?
The transition was not easy given the nature of my case. I did manage to keep it somewhat behind closed doors, but my reality of it all was definitely an eye-opener. I had to get out in the streets and go back to survival mode, which is something I’m used to. I am very grateful that a Black-owned company like Streetz 94.5 has allowed me back on the air, while almost nobody else would. And, believe me, I reached out to every station in the country!

What are the pros and cons?
Pros and cons. It’s definitely a plus being able to walk straight in and discuss ideas, concerns and my future with the owner of the company I work for, as opposed to having to go through all these levels of personnel just to get a question answered. Also, we are directly connected to the streets, so we give all the hottest artists a break before anybody else. When Mike Will finishes a record, like let’s say “Black Beatles” with Rae Sremmurd, he knows he can call me and I’ll play it first – fresh out the studio! There’s no red tape at Streetz; we do what feels good!

What are some new things you are able to implement on your radio show?
I think I have much more of a social and political voice now. I am allowed to express my feelings towards certain issues and engage with my audience like never before. I’m no longer looked at as just the “party DJ guy.”

Who are some of the recent celebrities you have interviewed?
Lately, I’ve sat down with Common, DJ Khaled, Jeezy, Atlanta mayoral candidates Michael Sterling and Ceasar Mitchell, Kehlani, and the list goes on.

I definitely pride myself in having great conversations with these celebrities and ultimately end up in a real conversation about things from, politics, depression, music, food… You name it – we talk about it. It’s easy to research and ask the obvious. I don’t do that.

What else are you currently working on right now?
Right now, I am focused on my acting career. I actually have another theater monologue coming up in February called “The Heart Of A Man,” where we explore men and their feelings toward women in different capacities. Abusive relationships, sex addiction, gay lifestyles, infidelity, anger …. it’s a very good play. Also working on a book titled, The Beest Within, which is an autobiography taking my readers through my journey and how I came from poverty to where I am today. I’m also in the creative stages of an interview-styled TV show focusing on all the amazing talent here in the ATL. And lastly, I’m looking to put together a cooking show because I love to cook. That’s enough for now.

What events are you affiliated with at this time?
Right now I just teamed up with HUGLIFE which is an awesome organization who helps feed and clothe the less fortunate. Especially with the holiday season in full swing, this is an important time to help. Also working on “I’m a Beest,” which is my own nonprofit organization. And, I am always open to donating my time to several community service events and functions.

What can we look forward to from Beestroh in the near future?
Aside from what I mentioned in an earlier question, I look forward to more great interviews and great content on my daily radio show “BEESTROH LIVE 945,” Monday through Saturday on Streetz 94.5.

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