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Cracking the C.O.D.E.: Tips from MogulCon

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Over the weekend we had the pleasure of attending MogulCon 2016 — an exciting two-day experience for female corporate influencers and entrepreneurs, founded by Felicia Phillips and created by The CreateHER Life hosted in Atlanta. The event featured a powerful lineup of presenters and panelists, including Becky Davis, Madeline Jones, Dominique Clark, Antony “AC” Chan, Julie Lowe, Karmetria Burton and more.

From building a badass tribe to creating content that sells, this conference provided practical tips and tools that almost any entrepreneur could use in their business. MogulCon truly had something for everybody! In her workshop, Becky Davis (the Bosspreneur) gave attendees the C.O.D.E. to unlock cash and clients:

Consistency – To truly sustain your success in business, you have to remain consistent. One thing some newbie entrepreneurs fail to realize is that your customers will only be as consistent as you are. Not everything will work out perfectly on your first try, but you will continue to learn and improve through consistency.

Overlearn –  In order to stay ahead of the game, you have to get in the habit of educating yourself. Its literally impossible to have too much information so part of your daily or weekly habit should involve professional development. You should always be willing to enhance your brand through workshops, coaching, conferences, etc.

Determination – When things don’t go according to plan, it’s your determination that keeps you moving forward. Instead of getting caught up in what everyone else is doing and how everyone else is making it happen, find that determination within that will keep you focused on your future.

Environment – Growth thrives in conducive environments. If your goal is to achieve success, you’re going to have to surround yourself with like-minded people who are on the same path. As you move forward in your business and reach new heights, there will be some people who you let go of. Above all else, you have to be willing to put your needs first.

One thing that really stood out about MogulCon was the integration of so many topics and well-versed workshop facilitators. If you missed this year’s event be sure to visit for upcoming opportunities to learn.

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